Woman battled weight for years, now feels fantastic after treatment

Heather Nash, 46, from Nottinghamshire, had struggled with her weight “constantly” before discovering the Waves21 treatment. After years of battling with the number on the scales, and endless cycles of yo-yo dieting, Heather considered having weight loss surgery to fix a problem area on her stomach. But instead, she opted for the “painless” fat-freezing technology and saw dramatic results.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Heather said: “So my weight had fluctuated constantly since being young, so I would put the weight on and lose three, four, five stone at a time. And then over time, it would creep back on again.

“I’ve done Weight Watchers, Slimming World and all that stuff to lose weight, but then I always had this area above my belly button. It didn’t seem to matter what I did, it never seemed to go. It’s always been there, like a shelf  above my belly button.”

When Heather heard about the Waves 21 treatment offered by Gelida Medica, she thought it “sounded great” for instant results and meant she didn’t have to go “under the knife” for weight loss surgery.

The non-surgical therapy uses metameric stimulation to reduce both abdominal (visceral fat) and subcutaneous fat. 

Heather said: “With Waves21 it’s hard to imagine just how much of a difference it has made. After my first treatment, you could see the changes it had made to my body shape which left me feeling fantastic.

“I had lost some weight prior to having the treatment but was keen to do something about the additional fat stored above my belly button. I started the treatment in February and continued until June (four months), during which I had eight sessions with two-week intervals.”

While the treatment is intensive, the mother of one noted that her experience was “painless” and warranted “instant” results after just one 45-minute session.

And according to Heather, the impact on her lifestyle was minimal too. She explained: “I was advised to avoid alcohol during the treatment and to drink more water, but other than that I didn’t really change anything else.”

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Though the results speak for themselves, the 46-year-old noted that the lasting impact on her confidence has been priceless.

Heather said: “After the treatment, I felt amazing and loved looking at the before and after photos.

“I know that some people may look at the after shot and wonder why I would be so pleased to look like that! But after struggling most of my adult life with my weight, I really couldn’t be happier. 

“Prior to the treatment, I felt really insecure about the fat store and no matter what I tried, I just could not get rid of it! Any diet, exercise wasn’t cutting it, so I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results of this treatment.”

While Heather admitted that the number on the scale is not drastically different, her new figure has made simple things like getting dressed more enjoyable now her clothes “fit better”.

The Waves21 fan said: “I think rather than wearing clothes to cover myself up, I’m now carrying the clothes – it’s definitely made me more confident.”

Branded as a “scientific breakthrough”, the fat-freezing treatment works directly on the organs and treats physical disorders to combat aesthetic problems related to metabolic dysfunction.

It is also designed to target resistant facts, which are the source of many cardiovascular diseases.

Charles Mills, CEO of GELIDA told Express.co.uk: “Waves21 opens the doors to a new, more comfortable, and safer way to freeze fat and sculpt the body.

“Body sculpting results can often be seen after the first treatment, with adipose fat cells draining throughout the two weeks in between treatments revealing optimum results ready for your next freeze!

“There is little to no discomfort, many clients report feeling the sensation of a cold massage rather than a fat freeze. E

“End results will last as long as the clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Single treatments cost from £250 – £400 average dependent on the region.”

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