Many of us are trying to hang onto the festive spirit for as long as possible.

Well, Christmas lasts until the new year celebrations have ended, doesn't it?

Apparently it's over for one woman, as she's already bought all her presents ready for next year.

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Irene posted on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to explain how she made the most of the post-Chrimbo reductions by snapping up the bargains ready to wrap up for next year's festivities.

She shared a picture of trolley that was full of boxes – including a Lynx and Dove gift set for men that were both reduced in the sales.

The clever shopper wrtoe: "This is next year's Christmas presents sorted, everything in picture is half price and 3 for 2."

While many people may think it's a super clever idea, others were left in shock at the shopper's confession.

Trolls were quick to criticise the deal queen in the comments – and she got much more than she bargained for.

Irene added: "I thought people would appreciate me sharing this but seems some people are here to criticise me.

"I thought this was a bargain hunting page no matter what day of year."

Since she shared the post, it has been liked more than 3,600 times, and hundreds of people also commented.

"I am amazed at how people can afford presents for next year Xmas and have the time and storage for them!" one said.

"I’m skint and am loving the cupboard space again."

A second added: "How can you even afford presents for next Christmas let alone think about it."

A third then added: "I honestly don't know how anyone could bear to do their Christmas present shopping at this time of year."

But some were quick to defend the savvy shopper's skills, and praised her for managing to find so many good offers.

One asked: "Why are people moaning for? Good for you I'll do the same if I had the room haha."

A second added: "Wow you lot need to grab another baileys and chill the f*** out. It's Christmas, stop getting your tinsel in a twist."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "What is wrong with y'all – 'she got nothing better to do than shop on Boxing Day?'

"Kids always go spend their Xmas money the day after, she got her stuff for next year and not leaving it till last minute when yes everything is usually full price.

"Sounds like jealousy to me."


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