Woman claims she was banned from flight because of her outfit

A 21-year-old model and influencer claims she was banned from boarding her flight because of her out-there outfit choice.

Kine-Chan, who is also an OnlyFans content creator, had dressed in ‘Rebecca’s Cosplay’ at Navegantes Airport in Brazil at the weekend.

She was planning to fly to an event where she was to play that character and didn’t have time to change.

Wearing only a black bikini, turquoise wig and black sandals, she claims she was told her clothing was ‘not appropriate and [she] couldn’t board’.

She spoke about the alleged incident on TikTok, saying: ‘I’m really upset and really nervous because I just left the airport.

‘I was going to the event where I was going to cosplay and they didn’t let me embark with the cosplay I was wearing because of the clothes they said it’s not appropriate and I couldn’t board and I missed the flight.

‘I won’t be able to go to the event and I was just cosplaying because I wasn’t going to have time to get ready there at the event. I was already going straight from the airport to the event, I was just going to put in the lenses.

‘Apparently you cannot cosplay at the airport if the cosplay is not to their liking. So, that’s it. I missed my flight, my ticket money and that’s it.’

Dressed as the fictional character Rebecca from the Netflix anime series Cyberpink: Edgerunners, Kine-Chan donned the skimpy outfit before being allegedly stopped by airport security and barred from continuing to her flight.

But her followers quickly dubbed her behaviour ‘vulgar’ and claimed she had a ‘lack of respect for other people’.

Still upset, the influencer also took to Instagram to vent to her 612,000 follower. She wrote: ‘Xuxus, a very annoying situation happened this weekend!

‘I tried to board at Navegantes airport dressed as Rebecca’s Cosplay for an event.

‘But I was told to go home and change clothes because the one I was wearing was not “appropriate”. I explained that I was going to an event. Anyway Rebecca barred lol.’

But fans didn’t necessarily agree that she should’ve been allowed on the flight, in fact, many thought she went too far.

One wrote on Instagram: ‘Kine I love you but for the love of God… you could have put on an easy pull-up outfit, like a falling dress or even a button-down blouse.’

Another commented: ‘They were right, you could have put clothes on there, they were not going to let you board.’

Another agreed, writing: ‘AMG, it didn’t hurt to wear a dressing gown on top.’

Another said: ‘Man I work shows and my schedule in between shows is pretty short… I’m going with my costume and ON TOP I’ll put a robe or an overalls!

Navegantes Airport has been contacted for comment.

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