Woman defies bullies to become influencer who’s made £40k from sexy snaps

A TikToker has defied bullies to embark on a new career as a racy model – and she's made more than £40,000 so far.

Journey Shaye, from the US, never thought she'd be popular when she was at school.

But she's built up more than 350,000 followers on TikTok – and launched a successful Fanvue page where she posts sexy snaps.

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In a recent YouTube video, she said: "I didn't expect to actually gain a following.

"I'm just some kid who was made fun of a lot in elementary school, going into high school and in high school.

"I didn't have any idea that I'd ever have any sort of following… I was really empowered by this."

Journey seized the opportunity to monetise her content on the fast-growing creator platform and now makes more than a grand a day.

She has subscribers in the UK, US, and across the world going mad for her videos – which mostly take place from her bedroom.

Fanvue bosses have reported Journey has become their fastest growing creator in the space of a month and have had a flood of enquiries from other Tiktok personalities looking to boost their revenue.

And Journey has no intentions of slowing down.

The quirky stunner from across the pond, said: "TikTok was where I became famous, but there's a difference between building thousands of subscribers and monetising it. Since I’ve joined Fanvue I have the best of both worlds, and the money has been rolling in.

TikTok is an amazing platform and I want to keep growing follower numbers there, but Fanvue gives so much support to creators and really champions them to be a big success."

A Fanvue spokesperson said: “Journey is living breathing proof of the earnings potential of creators on our platform. Credit to her for the impressive fanbase she managed to build on TikTok, then showing the entrepreneurial spirit to monetise her content.

"We can't wait to see Journey's growth on Fanvue and we're with her all the way.”


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