Woman disgusted by her husband's Terry Nutkin hairstyle

Help, my husband won’t cut his ‘Terry Nutkin’ hair! Wife admits her partner’s ‘scruffy’ lockdown locks ‘disgust’ her – but critics say SHE’S in the wrong for making snide comments

  • British woman has admitted she’s disgusted by her husband’s balding grey hair
  • Posting on Mumsnet, she explained her husband grew his hair during lockdown
  • She compared his current hairstyle to television presenter Terry Nutkin  
  • Some said she was in the wrong for making snide comments about his look 

A woman has confessed she has been left ‘disgusted’ by her husband’s lockdown hairstyle. 

Posting anonymously on Mumsnet, the British woman explained her husband who is in his late 50s would visit the barbers every 4-6 weeks before the nation shut down for the first time in March.

She said he hasn’t cut his hair since the pandemic, leaving him with a long, ‘scruffy’ hairstyle that she compared to presenter Terry Nutkin. She added that she ‘can’t bear it’ and sometimes she looks at him ‘in disgust’.

While some agreed she was right to take a stand, others on the forum argued she’s in the wrong for making snide comments.  

A British woman has admitted she is ‘repulsed’ by her husband since he grew his hair during lockdown, revealing he now looks like TV’s Terry Nutkin (pictured) 

The woman vented her frustration in an anonymous Mumsnet post, pictured

Venting her frustration online, the woman wrote her husband’s hair was very thin, balding on top and white. 

She explained: ‘I can’t bear the way he looks. His hair is lank, sticks out at the sides, like white fluffy clouds, always looks greasy, although he does shower every day. 

‘He has a bald patch at back of head with lank strips of hair dangling over it.’ 

She explained: ‘It’s ageing, scruffy, deeply unattractive (to me) and puts me right off.’

She said she had ‘asked many times’ for her husband to cut his hair, but he ‘refuses’, adding: ‘He doesn’t care at all that I don’t like it.’ 

She went on to ask if she was being ‘unreasonable’ to her husband, adding: ‘I wear my hair how I like but I really don’t think I would stick with a look if my DH said he really really didn’t like it and found it unattractive. Sometimes I find myself staring at him in disgust.’

Admitting to also being repulsed by men with long hair, one wrote: ‘In my opinion, if a man is balding or thinning at all then he should not have long hair. It looks awful.  

A stream of responses to the post admitted they also dislike when men have long hair and advised the woman to persuade her husband to cut his locks

‘On the plus side, at least you know that he isn’t going to cheat on you, because no woman is going to sleep with a man who looks like a cross between the Professor from Back to the Future and a roadie for Status Quo.’

Another said: ‘I think he knows you don’t want him intimately anymore anyway so this is a reflection of his hurt and a passive aggressive f*** you. Like some people subconsciously gain weight to put a partner off they were hurt by.’ 

Others argued if the roles were reversed and a man was complaining about his wife’s change in appearance it would cause offense.  

Others argued the woman can’t force her husband to change his appearance and suggested they find a compromise 

One commented: ‘Imagine if a man said he hated his wife’s grey pixie cut and how she has gained weight and wanted advice on how to force her to change her appearance. He would be slaughtered on here.’

Another wrote: ‘To be honest OP if he likes it and you weren’t really having sex anyway why would he care if you have the ick? Making snide comments is just going to make him feel bad about you, not himself. 

‘I think the bigger point here is your marriage has deteriorated to the point where you are not intimate and so he doesn’t care what you think and you only had sex to make him happy.’  

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