Woman filmed trying to reject a man's advances hits back at trolls

Waitress who was secretly filmed rejecting a man by lying about having a boyfriend hits back at trolls: ‘He wouldn’t take no for an answer’

  • Cafe waitress was hit on by a man while at work 
  • The man filmed the exchange and posted it online 
  • She was forced to defend herself after views made rude comments 

A woman has hit back at trolls who made mean comments about her after she lied about having a boyfriend when a man tried to hit on her at work. 

Thomasin is a waitress at a cafe where she was approached by Dylan Harris who films himself interviewing random women in the street. 

Dylan started flirting with Thomasin while she was working and asked if she was single to which she replied she ‘has a boyfriend’.

She explained she said this to try to get rid of him, before offering him her Instagram just so he would stop trying to chat her up.

The interaction was filmed and posted online resulting in an onslaught of ‘disturbing’ comments aimed at the young woman.

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Waitress Thomasin (left) has been forced to defend herself after an interaction between her and Dylan Harris went viral after he started hitting on her while she was working

Thomasin said she lied about having a boyfriend and gave Dylan her Instagram details in an effort to ‘get rid of him’

In the original TikTok clip, Dylan was dared by a friend to flirt with the waitress while they were sitting at the Sydney cafe she worked at.     

The trolls slammed her for giving Dylan her social media handle instead of turning him down directly.

Thomasin, who has since revealed she is attracted to women, decided to make a video defending herself after Dylan’s clip went viral. 

She said she had to be polite and not turn him down directly because she was working at the time.

‘Excuse me gorgeous, can I just talk to you for a quick sec? Are you single?’ Dylan asked to which Thomasin said she had a boyfriend of a few months. 

Despite her efforts to dissuade him, Dylan immediately asked for Thomasin’s number to go on a ‘coffee date’ which she awkwardly declined. 

‘You’re a loyal girl, I respect that, there’s not many in Sydney,’ Dylan said before asking for her name and to follow her on Instagram. 

Thomasin obliged and requested Dylan ‘not tell anyone’ about the exchange. 

The clip quickly blew up and drew in more than 2.6million views and a string of comments before Dylan disabled replies. 

The exchange was posted online resulting in a onslaught on ‘disturbing’ comments aimed at Thomasin for lying about a boyfriend and giving Dylan her details instead of turning him down

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Thomasin saw the video the day after it was posted on April 14 but didn’t decide to respond until it went mega-viral and she saw what viewers were saying about her. 

‘I wasn’t going to respond to it because who cares but now it’s got two million views and the comments are pretty disturbing,’ she said in a TikTok video.

Thomasin explained exactly why she lied to Dylan.

‘All women know this, the easiest way to get rid of a guy is telling him you have a boyfriend even if it’s true or not,’ she explained. 

‘The second is to give him your Instagram or socials or whatever and he’ll f*** off.’ 

The waitress shared a screenshot showing she had not accepted Dylan’s request to follow her on social media. 

‘(I wanted to) explain why I felt the need to lie and not say no immediately which is the logical answer, the logical way of rejection. Unfortunately in reality a simple no rarely suffices,’ she said. 

#stitch with @Dylan Harris me trying to reject a guy and finding out its gone viral

The waitress shared a screenshot showing she had not accepted Dylan’s request to follow her on social media. ‘Unfortunately in reality a simple no rarely suffices,’ she said

‘Take into consideration I was working so I kind of had to be nice, it’s not like I could leave the situation to get rid of him hence my lying saying I had a boyfriend instead of just saying no to get rid of him.’

Thomasin said Dylan had edited out parts of the interaction and that he was more persistent than the video showed. 

‘He cut out parts of the conversation where he kept being persistent and wouldn’t leave me the f*** alone. I had to lie,’ she said. 

‘Basically what I really want to say is just accept the no the first time.’ 

Thousands came out in support of Thomasin including popular radio star and podcaster Abbie Chatfield who said: ‘HAHAHHAA ICONIC!!!!!!! What a loser. You slay x’. 

‘Saying you have a boyfriend works because men respect your ‘boyfriend’ they’ve never met more than you just saying no,’ one woman added. 

‘Yup and if you say you’re a lesbian they’ll be even MORE persistent and swear they can change it,’ another responded.  

‘You don’t have to explain yourself at ALL he should’ve left you alone this is so frustrating,’ a third wrote. 

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