Woman gets exes ‘negative opinions’ tattooed on her after they slam her ink

A woman says her tattoo addiction has cost her £12,000 and got her dumped multiple times.

However, Savannah Haskay, from Utah, US, has no plans to stop getting inked.

In fact, the biochemistry student says she eventually wants to be almost entirely covered in tattoos.

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The 27-year-old told Truly she doesn't think her addiction is a bad thing and she still looks forward to each new inking.

After getting her first tattoo aged 15, an anatomical human heart on her hip, , her dad encouraged her love of ink and made sure she went to the best artists.

Now, Savannah has tonnes of tattoos, which include a blacked-out forearm, a wire fence on her neck, a rose on her chest and a heart under her eye.

Her unique look isn't always loved by her friends and family, though, who have told her to slow down and to avoid more visible tattoos.

Savannah's ex-boyfriends also haven't been very keen.

"I've definitely had arguments with some of my exes about my tattoos," she said.

However, it's not just former flames who have objected look – it also affects her current love life too.

"They assume I don't have a job, or I'm on drugs, and I love being able to prove them wrong," Savannah said.

Men also tend to think she's "stupid" or a "freak" in the bedroom when the first see her ink collection.

However, she sees the funny side of it and even decided to get some of her exes opinions on her new facial inking.

One ex said like they 'played second fiddle' to her tattoo, while another admitted he worries about her future career as someone covered in tattoos, especially in her industry.

"They typically don't hire a lot of people with a lot of tattoos," he said.

It seems like others may have the same opinion, as tattoo addict and mum Melissa Sloan told Daily Star last year she couldn't find a job due to her 'prison-style' inkings.


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