A woman claims she managed to get out of a parking ticket by giving the traffic warden her number.

Steph Ledigo was set to receive a parking ticket from an attendant named Albert, but claims he let her off in exchange for her mobile number.

The owner of Go PR Events posted a tweet continuing a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between her and Albert yesterday (December 12).

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The tweet reads: “Parking attendant said he wouldn’t give me a ticket if I gave him my number… so introducing my new boyfriend, Albert.”

The initial text from the warden read: “Stephanie nice to meet you and merry Christmas to you. You are very beautiful xx, this is Albert."

To which Steph responded: “Aww thanks Albert!! You’ve made my day!”

“You're always welcome my love. Please leave this your boyfriend and have me I am all yours (sic)”, Albert chimed back.

The tweet prompted hundreds of likes and replies – with many slamming the exchange as ‘creepy’.

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One woman said: “I see the funny side to this but it’s also very creepy… completely abusing his power."

Another added: “Is it wrong that I want to have him reported to his employer? #romanceisdead.”

But Steph replied saying: “Oh he was so sweet!!! Hahahah."

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Not everyone was so damning over the exchange as one person joked: “Marry him, think of the free parking!”

Another simply said: “Brilliant."

“This never works for me, might need to change my approach haha,” a third tweeted.


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