Woman has ‘weird’ reason for not washing hands after a pee – and others agree

A woman has shared her "really weird" reason for not washing her hands after taking a pee.

And astonishingly, it appears lots of other people share her flagrant disregard for personal hygiene.

Sophia Patterson took toTikTok on Monday to enlighten viewers about her hand washing ritual, or lack thereof, after taking a leak.

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She said she "knows how to pee" so there's no point in washing her hands if no mess is made.

“I’m going to expose myself because I feel like it’s really weird that I do this and I don’t know if other people do this," she added.

“But I don’t always wash my hands after I pee, especially if I’m in my own house, right?”

The CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends scrubbing one’s hands for at least 20 seconds after using the loo.

But despite experts' warnings about germs, Sophia said she had developed a special technique to keep mess to a minimum.

She added: “I know how to pee in a way that doesn’t make a mess on myself.”

And when she invites her pals over, she even employs a special tactic to trick them into thinking she's washed her hands.

She explained: “I do this thing where if I have guests over and I go to pee, I’ll turn my sink on and pretend to wash my hands, and kill some time so that they think I have washed my hands but I haven’t.”

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She added: “So I actually go through the process of wasting both water and time just to kind of keep up with a lie that actually doesn’t matter.”

Her viewpoint caused a wave of responses and left users divided – but the majority were on her side.

One person wrote: “I will take it as far as patting my hands on my pants when I come out as if I didn’t get my hands all the way dry.”

Another admitted: “Or just wetting the fingertips. So you don’t have to roll up your sleeves.”

"I found my people," added someone else.

But a more discerning viewer remarked: “But you touch the toilet flusher and sink handles after taking a s**t so cross contamination?”

"That's crazy," said another.

Responding to the flak, Sophia said: “I wash my hands a lot during the day even holding my phone for too long grosses me out so relax, it’s gonna be okay.”


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