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    A woman has divided the internet when she spotted a man had a "gutless" note scribbled on his hand.

    Emma Chow was commuting on a train in Sydney, Australia, and noticed some blue marks on the hand of a man sitting in front of her.

    In the video she posted on TikTok, the man raised his left hand to scratch his back and revealed the notes on his hand.

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    It read: "-send break up email-"

    "Is this the most gutless way to break up with someone?" she wrote and joked: "Note to self: don't forget to send that break-up email!"

    The radio host later mentioned the video in her show RnB Fridays and said: "I had to take a video of this because I couldn't quite believe this guy had written this note on his hand.

    "Firstly, how embarrassing.

    "Secondly, unbeknown to her, this poor girl is going to get broken up with and it's just going to land in her Gmail and be like 'I don't want to be together anymore'.

    "Say it to her face or say it on the phone at the very least.

    "That is gutless, you cannot send an email to someone to break up with them."

    But viewers said the term could have another meaning in another context.

    One suggested: "It’s a sales term. You send a breakup email to a potential customer thats not returning a call or email."

    A second asked: "Where does it say 'with her'?"

    And a third said: "You can't judge him if you don't know him."

    The video even drew the attention from Microsoft 365 Office as the brand's social channel left a cheeky remark in the comments, saying: "Schedule it with Outlook!"

    But one eagle-eyed TikToker spotted a broken heart drawing above the text, adding: "Email? Not even a call or a text? That's cold."


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