Woman shows husband’s ‘terrifying’ sleep habit that freaks her out all the time

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    A woman left viewers feeling uneasy when she showed her husband sleeping with his eyes open.

    Payton Vidmar, from Missouri in US, went viral after sharing the "terrifying" clip on TikTok last week.

    "This is proof that my husband actually sleeps with his eyes open," she said while filming on bed with her husband, Colton, sleeping next to her.

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    She pans the camera to her husband and couldn't resist laughing at her unresponsive partner snuggling up in a blanket.

    "It freaks me the f*** out every time I look," she said, then proceeded to call him name.

    Colton blinks and looks around the room while Payton giggles uncontrollably.

    People freaked out when they watched the clip and a viewer said: "I didn't know that that was possible!"

    Another wrote: "Man's gotta be waking with the driest eyes!"

    "He looks dead! I would have jumped out of my skin!" a third commented and a fourth noted: "The way he just like regains consciousness. I'm dead…"


    Others begged Payton to buy her husband an eye mask.

    "Buy an eye mask made for people with lash extension, it has pockets for the eyes – hope that makes sense," a fellow TikToker suggested.

    "So that the material wouldn't be on his eyes."

    Colton's sleeping habit appears to be the symptoms of a fairly common condition known as nocturnal lagophthalmos.

    There are several things that can cause the condition, including bulging eyeballs, short or weak eyelids, facial nerve issues and scarring on the eyelids.

    People with nocturnal lagophthalmos are recommended to keep a humidifier nearby when they sleep for added moisture.

    Alternatively, they can also use surgical tape or small weights on the outsides of the eyelids to keep them closed.


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