Woman shows off incredible ‘hair topper’ and fans refuse to believe it’s fake

A woman with alopecia left people stunned after she showed fans her incredible hair topper.

Nikita, from Australia, was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia when she was just 17 years old and went to a dermatologist and a psychologist as a result.

She was then given two options to treat her hair loss – to either take finasteride, a testosterone blocker, or minoxidil.

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But taking the medicine increases facial hair rather than the hair on the head.

She turned to other options and discovered the advantage of using a hair topper.

"Would you believe me if I told you this wasn't my hair?" Nikita told her followers on TikTok.

"This is how I tie my hair up for work, wearing my hair topper.

"Are you ready for my big reveal?"

In the footage, she unties her bun and brushes the hair with a brush, then places her hands under the hair.

"Click, click," Nikita says as she removes the clasps on the hair topper and takes off the semi-permanent hair extension.

"One of the things I was most nervous about when choosing to wear hair was how it would work having to wear my hair up for work all the time, but as you can see, Sophia is super natural!"

Viewers were stunned and many said they couldn't tell the difference at all.

One said she would never have noticed that it was not her real hair.

"I could barely believe it even as you were removing it. Super natural," another wrote and a person praised: "I thought that is your real hair. Looks amazing!"

"Thank you for sharing your hair loss journey, I'm sure this will help others having the same issue," a third added.

Nikita also explained to fans that she also uses wigs and each has its pros and cons.

Another handy tool is a coloured hair powder – Nikita says she's been using it every day for the last 10 years.

"It's for hair fibres that colour my scalp to the same colour as my hair."


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