A stomach-churning video of pus being squeezed out of a slab of meat has repulsed viewers on TikTok – with many saying it's put them off meat.

In the clip, uploaded by Amy McLendon on Sunday (November 14) she shows a cyst in some pork being prodded and then popped.

The yellow pus is then squeezed through the hole and even the unflappable Dr Pimple Popper was horrified when she was tagged in the clip.

Amy captioned the clip: "Glad I found this before smoking ribs. Any idea what this is in these ribs?"

Dr Pimple Popper, real name Sandra Lee MD, made her own clip in response and begged: "Throw the meat out!"

Talking to a pal, she says: "OK, Chris here cooks all the time and look at that! Look at the cyst in there.

"What would you do? Would you like, eat that?"

She added: "Chris is the best cook and we think that's disgusting!

"He's never seen this in real life but he promised me if he ever does he will film it and send it to me. Yuck, throw the meat out!"

The video was watched more than 1 million times and thousands of people commented, with many divided over whether the meat was still edible, or even appetising.

On said: "I'm a butcher. It's an abscess. Just cut it out and the rest of the ribs are fine."

A second wrote: "I used to work in a chain grocery meat department, The number of tumours in pork is insane.

"Beef too but less common. I've seen tumours the size of my fist."

Sounding disgusted, someone else said "I am now a vegetarian" and another wrote "ok I'm vegan now".

But another viewer didn't seem the slightest bit bothered and joked: "I love cheese-filled ribs."

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