A woman was surprised to find that a dress she ordered from SHEIN left her breasts exposed.

Anni made a few purchases from the online retailer – and hoped to make the most of the remaining hot summer days.

But sadly, the shopper was left disappointed when she put them on.

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"Unbelievable!" she fumed while showing the items she got from the online shop. "It got worse and worse."

During a series of clips titled "What I wanted vs what I got", she tried on a black dress with a cut-out design that accentuates her curves.

The fabric stretched so much she had to wear a camisole underneath to cover her modesty at the front.

And her troubles didn't stop there.

Next, Anni put on a green and gold strappy dress with drawstrings on both sides to adjust the length.

But sadly, she was not impressed by the design that left her looking like a paperbag.

She also snapped up a flowy dress that would be perfect for an island-hopping trip in the Mediterranean.

Anni liked the look of the frock until she put it on – and realised it was gaping at the back.

She was also disappointed when she found fault in simple cropped jeans – with stitches at the hem not aligning properly.

It's likely that the shopper will return most of the items.

And viewers said the budget fashion clothes were not made to "fit for everyone".

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One said: "If you compare your own physique to that online, you can see that 99.9% of the time it's just for that body shape no matter what size you order."

Another said: "I always have to remind myself that the body doesn't come with the clothes."

And a third commented: "Sorry but you also have to take into account that the clothes are not directly intended for your figure (no hate), of course it looks different in the end."


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