Woman takes pet chicken for walks at night – as it ‘makes her feel safe’

A woman has left fans in hysterics after sharing a video of herself taking her chicken for a walk on a lead at night.

Freja, who posts online as @freja.tp, gained more than 2.3million likes on the video of herself walking around in the dark with a chicken on the pavement.

In the text over the top of the clip, Freja claimed the animal is the reason why she feels safe walking alone at night.

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She wrote: "Reasons I always feel safe walking alone at night."

Initially, fans had expected to see a dog – but the transition was way funnier as it revealed the black-feathered chicken.

TikTok viewers took to the comments claiming that chickens are "scary" to them or that Freja is scaring people away from approaching her by making herself look "crazy."

One user quipped: "If you look crazy, they'll leave you alone."

To which, Freja replied: "Hopefully."

Another commented: "Chickens are scarier than dogs when they start chasing you."

A third said: "That's valid. I'd be scared scared if someone was walking around at 1am with a chicken on a leash."

A fourth wrote: "I'd be way more scared by a single chicken than a group of dogs."

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But on a more serious note, half of the female population in the UK have felt unsafe walking alone after dark in a quiet street near their home, compared to one in seven men, according to End Violence Against Women.

Half of the women surveyed also said they felt unsafe walking alone after dark in a busy public place, compared to one in five men.


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