Jesika, 30, from Arizona, US, is 5ft 7in while her husband, Hunter, is 5ft 1in.

The couple met back in 2020 and despite being ‘a little shocked’ at their height difference at first, they were quickly head over heels.

Not only does Jesika tower above Hunter, she’s also the ‘big spoon’ in bed and has to ‘move the car seat back’ after Hunter drives.

Despite their happy relationship, the couple are frequently joked about with people constantly commenting on their height difference, both online and in real life.

‘I’ve had friends and other people ask me why I’m with someone so much shorter than me,’ Jesika said.

‘We’ve gotten comments asking if he’s my son or “if I need a real man”.

‘I’m barely taller than average for a female.

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‘But some of the worst come from men who they think they’d be a better partner for me, telling me they could please me better or be what I need.

‘It’s not their relationship and it doesn’t concern them. We’re happy and that’s all that matters.’

Hunter feels that the sensitivity we give towards joking about weight difference needs to be applied to height, which is often casually discussed.

Hunter says: ‘All of the people I’ve dated before have been much taller than me, so it’s never bothered me.

‘I’ve just always been more concerned about how the other person feels about it.’

People often make jibes about the couples’ sex life – though Jesika says it makes no difference.

She said: ‘Aren’t we all the same lying down? In fact, some positions are a lot easier with Hunter being short.

‘Honestly, it’s probably the best sex I’ve ever had.

‘People expect Hunter to make his height his entire personality but he’s just another normal person.’

The pair got married in February 2022 and are now sharing their journey on TikTok (@jesi_cat_), where they have over 58,000 followers.

They hope to help tackle the stigma attached to mixed height relationships.

Jesika said: ‘We found accidentally on TikTok that people love seeing other couples with our type of height difference.

‘So many other men or women said they’re in a similar situation and were so happy to see our posts.’

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