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A woman played a hysterical prank on her mum after changing her settings to say a sexually suggestive phrase whenever she plugs the charger in.

Eloise Victor managed to convince her mum that it was the iPhone charger she had recently purchased from Poundland causing the issue, rather than her antics.

In the hilarious clip, which has gained more than 203,000 likes on TikTok, the confused mum repeatedly takes the charger in and out of her phone, making it say "oh yes, put it in me daddy" each time it's plugged in.

The pair couldn't control their laughter, before the mum explained that she believed it could be her new charger, saying: "It started when I used the new charger that I bought from Poundland."

She then added: "It's happy I'm charging it."

Her daughter backs up her incorrect theory, as she later said: "Mum, it's the Poundland charger."

But it wasn't, as her mischievous daughter admits, saying: "No, it was me, Mum, I'm sorry."

TikTok users were left in hysterics over the prank as they left thousands of comments in disbelief that she believed it was from Poundland.

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One commenter wrote: "Gotta watch those Poundland chargers."

Another added: "This is hilarious. I'm actually crying. Your mum thinking it's the Poundland charger is so funny. Honestly, bless her."

A third wrote: "This is the exact logic my mum would use. Blame the wire."

A fourth said: "The disappointment when she found out it was you. Shouldn't have told her she was loving it hahaha."

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The news comes after Andrea Rose tried using Poundland’s ‘Fun Time’ product to tame her curly tresses instead of forking out for expensive serums.

The 48-year-old mum tried the hack after a customer told her that it's "as good as using 'Frizz Ease' which is about £8 a bottle".

The retail worker insisted she bought the product for a bit of a laugh, and didn't have expectations of it working well – but she claims that it does.

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