A woman sparked debate among TikTok users after she told a bloke who catcalled her on the street that she thought he was 'begging for money.'

Rebekah Lindsay, who posts as @rebekahlindsayyyy shared a clip of herself walking down a street in New York as a man sitting with a group of men began talking to her.

The strangers can be heard saying: "Have a good day at work, miss."

But 'Becki' responds with a savage put-down, replying: "I thought you were begging for money".

She posted the video online with the caption: "Gotta protect yourself on the streets of NY."

The clip, which received more than 885,900 likes, seemed to leave TikTok users divided in the comment section.

While some found the response hilarious and vowed to use it themselves in the future, others felt that her comment to the bloke was unnecessary.

One user said: "USING THIS FOREVER."

Another added: "I don’t know you but I’m proud of you."

A third wrote: "All he said was have a good day at work…"

And a fourth said: "He was being nice though."

But other users quickly rushed to the comments to clap back at people who said she was wrong – explaining how it can be terrifying to be approached by men in the street.

One user wrote: "All the people saying he was just being nice. Do you think he was saying that to every man who passed by? Men know what they're doing, just leave us alone."

Another added: "Everyone read the room, he wouldn’t be saying that to an old man walking by. It’s catcalling cause he’s trying to get the attention of a young lady."

A third commented: "Yikes I’m too scared to ever talk back like that."

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