Woman who doesn’t know her left and right gets them tattooed on her hands

A woman who can't tell the difference between her left and right has resorted to having them permanently inked onto her hands.

Eiza Murphy, who posts on social media under the username @eizamurphy, posted a video online showing her sister getting two simple tattoos – one on each hand.

In the clip. which has gained more than 750,000 likes, she filmed her sister sitting in the tattoo parlour as the artists etched the letters 'L' and 'R' on each hand.

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The tiny letters, written in a simple font, signified which hand was left and which was right because she apparently couldn't tell the difference.

Over the top of the clip, Eiza wrote: " My sister doesn't know her left and rights so she got them tattood on her Imfao."

TikTok viewers loved the solution as they took to the comments claiming it was "practical" and "genius".

One user said: "Most practical tattoo I’ve ever seen."

Another commented: "Got mine done a couple of months ago, so helpful."

A third added: "Genius."

"I really need to do this," a fourth wrote.

However, some people claimed to have gotten them done but didn't find it helpful.

One user penned: "I think I would question myself three times a day if I got the tattoos on the right hands."

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A second added: "My bf did this and still doesn’t know them."

The news comes after a woman who asked for a cowboy-inspired tattoo was left in stitches when she saw the inking for the first time.

Destinie Meadors, from Arkansas in the US, wanted to get a tattoo on her neck to show her respect to the rodeo culture.

So she visited a tattoo studio and asked the artist to ink a common greeting phrase on her neck – but it all went wrong.

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