Pregnancy reveals have noticeably become more elaborate as time has gone on.

But, the way one couple announced their news left people squirming.

Best friends Janelle and Kate boast 3.5 million followers on TikTok, where they keep fans updated with their shenanigans.

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In a recent clip, which has racked up a huge 20.6 million views, Janelle decided to play a rather dirty prank on blonde mate Kate.

Soaking up the sun in an outside bar, she ordered an orange slushy drink and dunked the pregnancy test into the mixture.

She then carried over the beverage to Kate, who was sitting down with other friends.

Kate thanked Janelle for getting her the drink before taking a slurp, not realising the presence of the pregnancy test stick in the cup.

Cheekily, the prankster told a porky and explained there were no straws left so gave her a “stirrer".

“Is a spoon”, Kate questioned as Janelle scooped some slush with the test and fed it to her.

Unaware of the prank, she continued to consume the iced drink with the test acting as a spoon.

After a while, Janelle revealed that Kate had been putting a pregnancy test in her mouth.

Instead of grimacing at potentially putting wee in her gob, she gleefully asked whether her mate is pregnant.

However, not everyone was so over the moon.

One person slammed: “Are we not going to acknowledge the fact that IT WAS IN HER MOUTH?!?!??”

Another user added: “She just kept putting it in her mouth.”

While a third voiced: “I screamed so loud when she had it in her mouth.”

Someone else remarked: “The way she kept licking it.”

Meanwhile, a fifth mocked: “Love a pi**y daiquiri.”


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