Womans sexy holiday shoot backfires as bikini catches on rock – and falls down

Getting a sexy snap while on holiday is on the top of the to-do list for many.

From posing in a plunge dress on a balcony to capturing a poolside thirst trap, sizzling hot vacation pictures are all over social media.

But one woman didn't have much luck with her beach photos.

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Valentina Antz decided to take a trip to Bari, Italy, to soak up the sun and sea.

However, all hell struck loose when the brunette beauty slipped into her underboob baring bikini.

After she soaked her hair and face with the sea water, Valentina dazzled as she pulled back her long tresses off her face.

The bikini-clad beach-goer decided to make her way over to some rocks in order to pose in a different location.

She waded her way through the shimmering water in the lemon pattern swim set, which was fastened by yellow strings.

Valentina managed to expertly climb onto the rocks for some exploration.

But she suffered quite the wardrobe malfunction when her swimwear got caught on the rocks.

In the TikTok clip, Valentina climbed down from the ledge.

But she didn't realise her bikini was caught – and started slipping back into the water.

As she realised, the whole strap came undone flashing her thigh and hip…whoops!

Thankfully, Valentina managed to see the funny side.

"The rock wanted my bikini," she joked in the caption.

The holiday-goer wasn't the only one with a wardrobe malfunction on their mind.

Playboy bunny Nina Woolley and plus size model Laura Morgan got dolled up for some 'cocktails and carbs'.

The stunners wore extreme cut-out bodysuits that didn't leave much to the imagination!

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