spoke exclusively to Laura Elliot, head of education at hair salon Neal & Wolf about how one can look younger with grey hair. Middle aged women can embrace the changes in their hair colour and texture by finding the right cut and style for them.

Grey hair can “absolutely” still make you look young, according to Laura. It’s all down to the skin tone.

She said: “As you age your skin tone will change and embracing a softer lighter look can enhance your skin tone, eye colour, and give the skin a glow.

“The best way to understand what shade of grey is right for you is to book a consultation with your stylist for their opinion.”

Any colour is “right” for middle aged women, Laura continued. It comes down to personal preference – but one can make any colour work for them.

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The hair expert said: “It all comes down to how you feel in yourself and what look, colour and style to bring out your confidence.

“We see women in the media rocking all colours and lengths at any age. If I had to give an answer, I would say warm, caramel tones.”

For those wondering when is best to start dyeing one’s hair – not wanting to start the process too early perhaps, Laura said there “is no right or wrong answer”.

“Again, whenever you feel you want to – some people choose never to use hair colour, and some make the decision to start colouring from an earlier age for many reasons, such as hair turning grey, to enhance a cut or their look.”

As for white hair, this too can look young, according to Laura. “Clients who do embrace their grey or white hair can look more youthful due to their change in skin tone, the once coloured hair may be too dark or dense against someone’s skin tone,” the expert said.

“The key is understanding what colours compliment your unique features – again this is something your stylist can help with.

“We’ve also seen a rise in people paying to have their colour analysis done professionally – this could definitely help.”

Middle aged women used to cut their hair short, but this tradition is no longer as relevant, Laura said.

“Women are embracing all lengths – it’s personal to each individual and how they feel,” the expert added.

“Healthy hair regardless of length is key – if you have short hair that’s thin and breaking on the ends, then this obviously isn’t the most flattering and can be quite ageing, and the same goes for long hair that’s starting to go wispy and fine on the ends.”

For Laura, “the biggest thing is not style but shine”. “Hair that has a great shine and health looks more youthful and will enhance your features,” she said.

“Hair can be overlooked but it’s a massive part of your physical appearance and is often the first thing people notice. Investing in professional haircare and a good stylist is the key.”

Similarly to Laura, resident hairdresser at ITV’s Lorraine, Jamie Stevens, said that, for middle aged women, “anything goes”.

“But face shape is very important, as is hair type and lifestyle,” he said.

“As you get older your hair texture changes, especially if you are going grey as this hair feels drier and more coarse, so changing the products you use to style it and wash it can make a big difference.

“I always think as you get older it’s not about following trends, it’s about what suits you and classic is always chic – but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it.”

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