Now, after a night out most people opt to get a kebab or head straight to bed.

The thought of doing anything remotely healthy is out of mind.

Not for these two friends though.

Rebekka Lowe and Eliana Mcdonald thought they would make use of their gym membership at 3 in the morning after a big night out.

Not ready to go home after the club had closed its doors, the mates headed straight to the gym.

The dedicated fitness fanatics recorded the moment they decided to work up a sweat on the treadmill instead of hitting an after party – and it has now gone viral.

Rebekka posted to her TikTok account @rebbekalowe2, to share with viewers when the pair dashed to the 24-hour Pure Gym.

Rebekka explained: “This is a sign to go to Pure Gym after a night out with your friends.”

Hilariously, the two women can at first be seen making their way to their local gym.

Eliana then can be seen dashing to the treadmills, eager to work up a sweat.

The two women can then be seen having an early morning jog while still donning a full face of glam and short clubbing dresses.

Since being posted a day ago, the video has now racked up 393,000 views and 43,000 likes.

Left in fits of giggles at the pair's late night antics, many people flocked to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person commented: “This is so chaotic I’m obsessed.”

Another user added: “The most British thing ever.”

While a third person joked: “Wait this might actually be the way to get me on a treadmill. Can run for miles when I’m drunk.”

Someone else voiced: “I’ve never loved two random strangers more than right now. The run…simply amazing.”

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