‘World’s hottest gran’ ready to date after getting offers from younger men

The 'world's hottest gran' confessed she's looking for love having been approached by dozens of younger men.

Gina Stewart, 52, is known around the world for her youthful looks, and she's adored by thousands of men.

Even so, she's been single for quite some time and has recently opened up about the fact that she's open to looking for romance.

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The model, from Australia, admitted she's "careful" with who she lets into her life as a mum, but she would be willing to start dating.

She told the Scottish Sun: "I'm single and I think as I have become older and I have a daughter, I have become careful as to who I let into my life.

"I'm not actually looking for anyone in particular, I believe that if I'm destined to find love it will happen and I will just fall in love probably when I least expect it."

The blonde bombshell hasn't been on a date for quite a while, and said she was formerly "attached to" a close friend who sadly died last year.

If she did happen to find someone new, she thinks he would be a younger man, but she is also happy to date men of all ages.

It just so happens that many of her offers usually come from younger lads.

She added: "To be honest, so many younger men love older women, I probably get more requests from the younger generation than my generation.

"The oldest I have dated was in the late 50s, and the youngest was in their 20s."

Gina continued: "I haven’t actually dated since a close friend who I was attached to passed away last year, but 2023 looks promising and anything can happen."

It's not surprising that the blonde beauty manages to bag so many younger men, as she looks half her age in her stunning snaps.

In the past she said the secret to her youthful glow is having cold showers every day, as she claims it helps to boost her metabolism as well as working wonders for her hair and skin.


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