World’s hottest gran says men pay for calls pretending to be her boyfriend

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Some fellas, no matter how hard they try, just can’t seem to land a girlfriend.

But rather than accept it, some lonely souls are paying for the supposed next best thing.

And what that is is hiring “the world’s hottest gran” to video call them and pretend to be their partner.

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OnlyFans model and glam gran Gina Stewart told Daily Star: “Some offer money for me to live out their fantasy.

“Some want to call me on video each day and pretend I’m their girlfriend and say good morning and goodnight . It’s all just a fantasy.”

The 51-year-old, who recently revealed she was forced to move home after photographers turned up on her doorstep, already has three grandkids.

And she treats the kids with money she makes selling saucy content on OnlyFans – the saucy subscription platform she was once hellbent on avoiding.

She said: “It’s funny because I was never going to do OnlyFans back in the beginning. I never actually liked the idea of it.

“But I was constantly asked and my agent said I should do it and I would say ‘there’s no way in hell I will ever do it’.

“It was after a year of everyone’s persistence that I thought OK I will start OnlyFans and make it glamorous and a big tease and see how it goes."

And now she’s on it, single men beg her to be their fake girlfriends.

But her usual ways of making money involve collaborating with other creators, like ex-Playboy model Jenna Bentley who lived in Hugh Hefner's infamous mansion.

Gina said: “Jenna and I created an OnlyFans account last year offering the Playboy experience that opened up a whole can of worms as Jenna was very well connected in Hollywood and she knew a lot of celebrities from the Playboy parties.

“We were offered a lot crazy things from some well known people, including being flown out to participate in things.

“We were also offered crazy sums of money on marriage proposals too.”

But she warned that some women feel obliged to go "too far" on the racy platform by giving in to demands from randy subscribers.

She said: "It’s incredible because once you start an OnlyFans people keep asking for you to do more and more and it becomes a money making trap .

"I'm sure plenty of girls end up compromising themselves.

"Personally I have always said there are things I won’t do and I have a limit . I love the idea of the tease and the fantasy and keep it very reminiscent of Playboy.

"I have men asking for everything you can think of and they offer all sorts of money for whatever content they prefer."


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