Your air fryer could be the key to perfect pancakes this Shrove Tuesday

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How do you know someone has an air fryer? They’ll tell you about it. And for good reason, too.

The nifty contraptions have changed the cooking game. And now, they might just revolutionise Pancake Day (which is tomorrow – Tuesday February 21, in case you’re wondering).

That’s because one TikTok account has ventured to where many of us have never gone before – making pancakes in an air fryer.

Forget a conventional frying pan, Curry’s (yes, the electrical retailer) showed off one of their air fryer models and how you could use the item to make your own pancakes.

But not only that, the brand showed how you can utilise the device to make a stack of pancakes at once – so no more waiting around as you cook one at a time.

The TikTok on the brand’s account has since gone viral with many vowing to try it out on the big day.

In the video, the user poured pancake batter on top of greaseproof paper inside the air fryer. They then repeated the process, stacking a different layer of batter between each sheet, meaning your pancakes are ready in one go.

Then all you need to do is garnish with your fave toppings.

It’s safe to say the trick has wowed social media users.

One person wrote: ‘I was so anti-air fryers because who wants to eat dry chips and chicken? Now that I see what more you can do with them, I’m reconsidering and I’m thinking of adding one to my cart’.

Another wrote: ‘I shouldn’t have given mine away. I am about to buy another one.’

However, others were a bit more sceptical.

One person took to trying out the trick and said it didn’t work for them.

They wrote: ‘Because I’ll try some stuff… the lie detector test determined this was a lie! And they came out like bread consistency. Abort. Abort and do not try’.

Some recommended spraying the greaseproof paper with a butter or oil, meanwhile others suggested sticking to making pancakes on a traditional frying pan.

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