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Happy Scorpio season, stingers! We are still in the thick of your season as we start off the month, and I’m sure that you are feeling it. As the sign that’s most comfortable with deep transformation (tear it down, baby!), the month kicks off with a New Moon in Scorpio on November 4. This lunar cycle signals a fresh start, new personal perspective, switch in appearance, and change in what you desire in your relationships. It’s time that you honor yourself first like the powerful scorpion queen you are!

As your season continues to progress, communication planet Mercury is finally clear from the recent post-retrograde haze and will also move into the sign of Scorpio on November 5. This forms what astrologers call a “stellium,” aka three (or four depending on who you ask) planets in one sign. It’s really amping up the energy of metamorphosis in your first house of self. On the same day, Venus will also move into the stability-loving earth sign of Capricorn in your communication sector. Expect discussions surrounding the home, family, and what you need to feel emotionally fulfilled. Don’t worry babe, you can totally handle it!

November 19 marks the official start to the eclipse season, and this is the most important one for you as it’s deeply impacting your sign! The first of this cycle is a lunar eclipse that will happen in your partner sign of Taurus, with the Moon in opposition to the Scorpio sun. Eclipses signal massive change when it’s in your zodiac sign, and it’s kicking off a new 18-month cycle for you. This particular lunar eclipse is initiating six months of shifts in the areas of the self, love, and business relationships. Expect a shift in who you are as a person, so as a result, those you collab or partner with will obviously have to change.

The month closes with the Sun moving into brighter territory with the start of Sagittarius season on November 21. Money, finances, and your earned income will be a focus for you. As you head into December, it’s important for you to reclaim your value and your worth! The universe is providing you with the energy to do so as you step out of such an empowering birthday season. A new work project, side hustle, or creative way to make money can all manifest for you. It’s time to take advantage of the growth after such a pivotal season of personal transformation.

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