Your star sign's tarot horoscope for the month of January 2023

It’s not just a new month, but a whole New Year.

That means resolutions, intention setting, and planning out what you want from 2023 to go out there and make it happen.

Despite being in goal-oriented Capricorn’s season, Mercury is in Retrograde until January 18, meaning your best laid plans may go awry.

But with a little tarot magic guiding you, you can start the year prepared to take on any challenge.

Ahead you’ll find your star sign’s tarot horoscope for the month of January, with three tarot cards drawn and their meaning for you explained.


March 21 to April 20

Tarot cards for Aries for January: King of Swords, Nine of Cups, Eight of Wands

Meaning: A Dream Come True

Voice your ambitions, be the squeaky wheel, say out loud what it is that you really want. The Nine of Cups is a wish come true pass, granting you your heart’s desire. But there is a condition.

The Eight of Wands shows that this is communication. You need support, input, help and assistance with this goal, it won’t happen just by you really, really thinking hard about it. You need to share your dream and let others bring their powers to the forefront.

The King of Swords reveals you need to be clear in your own mind first exactly what it is you want, need, and currently lack in this quest. Then say it out loud, to as many people as often as you can!

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April 21 to May 21

Tarot cards for Taurus for January: Four of Coins, Queen of Swords, The Emperor

Meaning: Changing Dynamics

A longstanding tricky relationship could be about to take a turn for the better this month, it’s been a long time coming and you’ll be glad to return to smoother seas with this person.

The Four of Coins and The Emperor show a longstanding power dynamic that you’re the ‘victim’ of (in that you are probably the one that comes off worst, not that you don’t have a role contributing to this, too). This has gone on for a long time. It could be at work, with family, in a friendship circle, or even with your other half.

The Queen of Swords reveals that a slightly different, and more leadership type, behavioural shift from you this January can help to re-set the tone. Take charge, be assertive, say what you need and go get it (don’t ask for permission or wait for them). You have to take care of number one. How you treat yourself teaches others how to treat you too.

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May 22 to June 21

Tarot cards for Gemini for January: Ace of Coins, Two of Wands, The Wheel of Fortune

Meaning: Flexibility

You are a versatile and flexible person and you don’t like to be too overly committed to any one thing at any one time. And that is how you’re going to approach 2023.

The Ace of Coins sees you laying down some long(ish) term ambitions and goals, some of which will remain in sharp focus in the year ahead. But The Wheel of Fortune and Two of Wands combine to bring flexibility and change to your plans too, and you set off already knowing that.

Often, it’s only when we start something that we really know if it’s right and, if it’s not, then what use is there in sticking to it? Give yourself permission to set off on new missions but also have check ins to review results, change the strategy, and make tweaks. This is how you edge forwards to long term success this year.

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June 22 to July 23

Tarot cards for Cancer for January: Eight of Coins, The Hierophant, Ace of Swords

Meaning: Finding Meaning

A lightbulb moment about who you really want to be, collaborate with, and deliver from it compels you into a new course of action for 2023. You want to contribute to something worthwhile and meaningful.

The Ace of Swords is a moment of clarity and truth, and this moment reveals what you really want to be aligned with, what you believe in, what you wish to bring your valuable time and energy to in the year ahead. The Hierophant sees you looking higher, seeking more meaning, wanting to be a part of something bigger, wanting to make your corner of Earth better.

The Eight of Coins shows this desire will lead to a new long-term chapter in which you take on a role, grow into it, and become a shining light. Have faith in your beliefs and pursue them, wherever they take you.

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July 24 to August 23

Tarot cards for Leo for January: Page of Cups, Ten of Coins, Nine of Coins

Meaning: Major life goals

Get creative with your future! Let your daydreams flow and go wherever they take you, don’t suppress or ignore your fantasies, they are guides right now. The magical Page of Cups has visions to share so tune in to meditation and daydreaming in January. Go within.

The Nine and Ten of Coins reveal these daydreams are likely to be focused on your material world – work, money, home and health. You are keen to improve, build, grow, develop, succeed and create the lifestyle you dream of. So, what exactly do you dream of?

Clarify your ideal job, financial situation, home and location, and health or wellbeing goals. Make them inspiring, we’re talking about a ‘best ever you’. It’s time to really go for your goals.

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August 24 to September 23

Tarot cards for Virgo for January: Knight of Wands, Eight of Swords, Two of Coins

Meaning: Abundance is the answer

There’s a self belief, habit or negative pattern you’re trying to break through as shown by the projecting and self defeating Eight of Swords. And the answer to this issue is abundance – flush it out simply by flooding your lifestyle with other, better, healthier, positive stuff.

The Two of Coins is the variety card, the Knight of Wands is the adventure and good times ahoy card. They combine to nudge you to make January fulfilling, busy and fun. Don’t scrimp and save and do less… do more. It doesn’t have to cost anything – start running, meditating, cooking from scratch, doing friend walks, face massages etc. Find your thing.

Make January a busy and active time and get 2023 kicked off in the right way, these new habits will stick.

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September 24 to October 23

Tarot cards for Libra for January: Three of Swords, King of Cups, Ace of Cups

Meaning: Relationship renewal

This month, a relationship that was once very important and failed can be reborn or replaced. Don’t look back, look ahead. Know that you will get a second chance to build the love/family bond/friendship of a lifetime, and it starts here.

The Three of Swords shows you have an old wound, maybe in love, maybe in friendship or family ties. Someone backstabbed or betrayed you, and you removed them from view.

The Ace and King of Cups reveal that there is the potential to heal, forgive (perhaps not forget), and move on this month. Seek this out if you feel it’s right. If not, then know that the Universe is bringing you a new person to love. Water signs look wonderful – Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

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October 24 to November 22

Tarot cards for Scorpio for January: Two of Swords, The World, Knight of Cups

Meaning: Timely decision-making

The Two of Swords always shows that a big decision (or several) is on your plate and require attention right now. Stop procrastinating, make these choices with confidence and move past them.

The World and Knight of Cups combine to suggest this is about the fun, excitement, adventure and travel opportunities in the year ahead. Where are you going to go, for pleasure, and what are you going to do? Inspire yourself this month by researching and reading up on options, scaling it down to what’s feasible, prioritising your must-do’s.

Then, by the end of February, have things booked, scheduled and lined up to go. Then you can save properly and know what you’re doing. It will feel magical.

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November 23 to December 21

Tarot cards for Sagittarius for January: Queen of Coins, Ten of Cups, Three of Wands

Meaning: Love life

Lots of opportunities, with the free-wheeling Three of Wands, to meet new people, consolidate your love life, and build relationships with those who have influence this January.

The Queen of Coins sees you taking more control over your relationship landscape alongside the Ten of Cups. Bonds don’t build themselves! They require attention, compromise, sacrifice and love. Put your all into your key relationships this month. Say what you need to say, propose, ask questions, show love, tell them your true feelings, express your desires for the future.

The Ten of Cups sees this extra effort going a long way! You love to be loved and you will feel loved this January, and beyond. Who knows what could unfold. It’s a true love story.

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December 22 to January 21

Tarot cards for Capricorn for January: The High Priestess, Knight of Coins, The Lovers

Meaning: Execute your decision

Stop hedging your bets, think deeply and consciously and come to a conclusion, and put the wheels in motion accordingly. Forwards and onwards and upwards.

The Lovers sees you feeling torn, a head vs heart decision, a temptation to stray from your chosen path. What to do? Well, The High Priestess reveals that, deep deep down, you already know. It’s just a case of tuning in and aligning your thoughts and emotions. Getting a handle on why you feel conflicted, taking on a message or insight from this, and using it to decide how you move ahead.

Spend time here. Make some preliminary choices and then sleep on them, see how you truly feel when faced with a new / different reality – and then spring into action.

The Knight of Coins sees you working hard to make this work, whatever it is that you decide. Commit fully to whatever you decide, go all in, put the effort in and you will reap the rewards that are dangling in front of you. Stop hedging your bets and decide what to do.

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January 22 to February 19

Tarot cards for Aquarius for January: The Tower, The Hermit, Six of Coins

Meaning: Do the right thing

Do the right thing, Aquarius, even if it’s the hard thing (in fact, especially if it’s the hard thing). The Tower brings a revelation and surprising twist to your life story this month, but it’s a necessary and positive-in-the-long-run one, even if it smarts a little right now.

The Hermit shows this is a totally private, personal and solo decision and move. You are serving your own best interests, no matter what anyone has to say. Ignore them, because they don’t have to walk in your shoes, okay?

The Six of Coins asks you to keep your moral compass steady and, as you serve yourself, do as right by others as you can. Be truthful, open, kind and compassionate, even if what you’re doing might cause upset in the short term. This is for the best. Get it over with.

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February 20 to March 20

Tarot cards for Pisces for January: Four of Cups, Six of Cups, Page of Wands

Meaning: Memory lane has gifts for you

This trio of cards makes me think about reunions and reconciliations with people, places, events and activities from your past. Healing rekindlings which spark your lust for life this January.

The Four of Cups sees you feeling a tinge of the January Blues, wondering what’s ahead and focusing on the lack you feel in your life, wherever that lurks. Pisces, you’ve lost sight of how wealthy, advantaged and happy you truly are. You are missing the gems under your nose. Refocus. Appreciate.

The Six of Cups is a nudge to get out of this funk. Head into your past and look to rekindle, restore and reevaluate people, places, activities or events you once held enormous affection for. Whether it’s reaching out to family or old friends, going on a nostalgic journey, or trying your hand at an old game or hobby… go back in order to move on.

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