Youve been cleaning carpets wrong – expert says use ice cubes

Keeping your carpet clean can seem like a very difficult task at times – from attempting to keep the dog's muddy paws at bay to making sure spillages do not see the light of day.

But another annoying part of having a carpet is the dents made it in by furniture.

And no matter how hard you brush the flooring, it seems impossible to fully resurrect it from being squished to its original state.

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Well, fear not as lifestyle and drink experts The Ice Co have revealed a nifty hack to help you lift the carpet threads up once again.

How, you ask? The clue is in the brand's name – all you need is ice!

"Ice can be used to restore your carpets back to a first-class condition," the experts said.

"It’s a well-known fact that heavy living room furniture takes its toll on the floors, and especially when you’re having a re-shuffle, no-one wants to see the dips that a sofa or an armchair leaves. Now, you don’t have to.

"By gently rubbing an ice cube over the offending dents, your rugs will return to their best in no time."

Once you rub the ice over the dents you should let the cubes melt before dabbing the area with a paper napkin to part-dry the carpet.

All you need to do is gently lift the carpet threads up with a finger and hey presto!

Using ice to rejuvenate your carpet is not the only handy hack that comes from the melting cube.

The Ice Co revealed that the frozen water has plenty more uses than just cooling drinks down and smoothing out carpets.

Getting gum stuck on your clothing is a massive fashion faux pas – and it can be a nightmare to get off.

Although, the drinks experts shared: "With the help of an ice cube, you can easily detach any unwanted fashion accessories.

"Simply rub the cube over the chewing gum and watch it gently peel away – like magic!"

Ice also comes in handy for beauty lovers who are tired of waiting for their nails to dry.

Instead of literally watching paint dry, apparently sticking your nails in a bowl of ice can hurry along the process.

"We all know how annoying it is having to wait for half an hour after you’ve painted your nails", the ice experts noted.

"Unless you want your jeans imprinted into the polish, there’s no way around it…or is there?

"For those who are in a rush, fill a bowl with water and ice cubes, and submerge each hand in turn.

"The cold temperature helps quickly dry and seal your brand-new manicure, meaning you can get on with the important stuff."

Better stock up on some ice!

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