Zara Tindall and Mike could ‘encourage competition’ in children to boost ‘confidence’

Zara Tindall watches as Lena gatecrashes Mike’s podcast

Zara Tindall is the daughter of Princess Anne, 70, and the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, 94. She is the mother of two young and an expert commented on her clever parenting techniques.

Zara may be the eldest granddaughter of the Queen, but she stays out of the public eye more than others in the family.

This is because she was not given a Her Royal Highness title when she was born and has not been a working member of the Royal Family.

Zara has been married to Mike Tindall since July 30, 2011 and the couple have two children together.

Mia Grace Tindall, seven, was born in 2014 and they welcomed Lena Elizabeth Tindall, two, in June 2018.

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The couple also announced they were expecting their third child in December 2020.

Mike shared the happy news on his podcast, The Good, The Bad & The Rugby, and revealed the couple had just had their 12 week scan.

While they do stay quiet on many aspects of their private life, the royals have previously spoken about parenting.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain in August 2020, Mike discussed the coronavirus lockdown with his daughters.

He said: “You get to watch her grow and change. You get stressed but at the majority of the time it’s with love.”

When the family have appeared out together, parenting experience manager at nursery Abacus Ark Jo Pandolfi, commented on Zara and Mike’s parenting.

The expert claimed Zara and Mike could use gentle competition to boost the confidence of the young royals.

Jo stated: “Zara and Mike Tindall want their daughters to be very competitive and Mike apparently beat his seven-year-old when teaching her to surf.

“We encourage competitiveness in a healthy way when giving the children a level playing field.”

The expert claimed they have taken part in friendly competition with their daughters, which could help give them a sense of achievement.

“I think that where a child is being set up to fail then that only promotes a lack of confidence and the child will probably not bother trying,” Jo added.

“However, children who are given tasks that challenge but do not set them up to fail – and who do sometimes succeed – will enjoy the feeling of amusement.”

As well as encouraging the confidence of their children, the techniques may help the young royals become better at embracing changes.

The expert commented: “They are then far more likely to embrace new challenges as they grow and develop and will have better self-esteem.”

Zara and Mike have not announced the due date of their latest addition yet.

However, based on when their 12 week scan was, it is believed they are expecting in the spring months.

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