Presenter Anne Robinson has confessed that she regrets debuting her facelift to television viewers and felt she should have waited.

The 78-year-old was previously mocked for going under the knife while fronting popular BBC gameshow, The Weakest Link.

But while reflecting on the torment she received for her makeover when she was almost 60 years old, Anne admitted that she should have waited a while before she unveiled her new look.

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She explained: "When you have cosmetic surgery it is a bit like taking a leg of lamb out of the oven. You have to let it rest for a bit.

"I went on television quite quickly afterwards and it was a famous headline which said ‘This face is the Weakest Link’ as it was quite blown up.

"I think you are only as sick as your secrets. It is very hard to be pretending you have not had a facelift," she added.

Anne previously hosted The Weakest Link from 2000 to 2012 and last year she took the helm at Channel 4’s Countdown but quit this July.

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Discussing the unexpected move on Angela Scanlon’s Ask Me Anything on Irish TV, she said: "I tried to be nice on Countdown.

"I loved it but nothing was ever going to be as wonderful as The Weakest Link or being a newspaper journalist. I probably made a mistake thinking I could replicate it on another game show.

"[Countdown] is a brilliant show but it does not really require a smart-arse presenter."

The mother of one also admitted that she found the work load gruelling and added: "Viewers see one show a day but I used to do five Countdowns a day. That is quite a lot to get through."

But despite her love for The Weakest Link and being known for putting the contestants down with her painfully awful critiques, Anne believes things have changed and understands that the programme might not work now.

She said: "If you were quite obese, I would say 'What do you do when you are not eating?' But you can’t do that anymore."


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