Britney Spears has left fans scratching their heads over her latest Instagram posts.

In recent weeks her followers have been begging the star to get on a live video and prove that she's really the one behind her posts, but she's yet to fulfil their request, leaving them more concerned than ever

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Days after the pop sensation's Instagram was deleted, Britney was back with a bang as she filmed herself dancing in a skintight red unitard to Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby.

Britney filmed was filmed seemingly pretending to drink from a bottle as she was surrounded by rose petals for her birthday as she also went on all fours and flashed a smile at the camera.

As she put her hands around her body and pulled attention to her figure, Britney posed in front of her Christmas Tree before dancing in some white heeled boots.

She then pulled up her middle finger to the camera and continued to dance before she finished the video by putting her face into her birthday cake and smothered her body in the frosting.

Opening her mouth to show the cake inside of it, Britney laughed as she was videoed posing in the outfit.

Writing it's her birthday week in the caption, Britney added: "I know my Instagram has been down a few times but honestly I did the last two times myself! Oops… I accidentally pressed [the] wrong button. Damn that stupid button…"

She added in the post that her goal this year is to be more comfortable with people and wants to "go to a wedding this year, grab the mic, sing a song or two, and fall down eight times".

Britney said it was her first year in 15 years being treated as an equal before wrapping up the post with: "Is it a little awkward or weird to watch? Duh. That's the whole point."

Fans immediately started sharing their concern with one person writing: "This is an old video! You can't accidentally delete your account. The need to overexplain everything is why I do not think this is her."

While another added: "What is going on? Half the internet thinks you're in danger this is so confusing."

A third said: "Why are all the videos still low quality? It feels very weird…"

Fans have continued to share their concern for the star and have asked her for a sign that she's okay following the end of her conservatorship battle last year.

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