Kim Kardashian Says She Takes 'High Road' While Co-Parenting With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian simply has to put her kids first when it comes to co-parenting with Kanye West. During her Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kardashian spoke about what it’s like to raise children with her ex-husband, as he continues to publicly bash her boyfriend Pete Davidson online.

“I’m always just hopeful and no matter what goes on, it’s the father of my kids. I’ll always be protective. I always want my kids to just see the best of the best,” said Kardashian, who shares four children with West. She later added, “I just try to — as hard as it can be sometimes — I do try to ignore it and try to do whatever’s best for the kids… Take the high road.”

DeGeneres lauded Kardashian for “protecting” West during her marriage to the music mogul, amidst his public outbursts, mental health struggles, and rant-filled performances. Kardashian said she sets her parents Kris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian as examples when it comes to co-parental support.

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Kardashian’s talk show appearance aired as West’s Instagram was restricted for violating harassment, bullying, and hate speech content on his account.

On Wednesday morning, the rapper — who has used social media to bash Kardashian’s boyfriend Davidson over the last several weeks — shared a 2019 Breitbart article referencing a racy joke from the comedian about having sex with a baby.

“Yet another reason why SKETE gotta stay away from my children,” he wrote. “Oh and nobody noticed that he ain’t show up to SNL Because Mr. I can help you with meds had a mental breakdown after we ran him off the internet.” (Davidson has reportedly been away from Saturday Night Live while filming upcoming horror flick, The Home.)

In subsequent posts, he claimed that Davidson would get Kardashian “hooked on drugs,” because he’s “in rehab every two months.” West also made fun of Davidson’s Hillary Clinton tattoo, writing “Tramp Stamp Pete the Tramp… here’s the stamp.”

Kardashian filed for divorce from West last February. She was declared legally single by a judge earlier this month.

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