Olivia Rodrigo Thinks Jacob From ‘Twilight’ Would Love ‘Traitor'

Bella didn’t cheat. Still, to her childhood friend Jacob, this Twilight character was a “Traitor.” Olivia Rodrigo is a massive Twilight fan, even writing a song from Bella’s perspective. When it comes to her 2021 album Sour, Jacob would “def” relate to one of the songs about a failed relationship. 

‘Sour’ artist Olivia Rodrigo is a fan of the ‘Twilight’ saga

Rodrigo went from being the star of the Disney+ mockumentary High School Musical: The Musical: The Series to a Grammy-nominated musician. In 2021, the singer released her debut album Sour, complete with tracks “Deja Vu,” “Good 4 U,” and “Drivers License.”

Since then, these tracks have earned millions of Spotify streams. Rodrigo even sold-out stadiums for live performances of Sour. When it comes to this original music, Rodrigo pulls inspiration from several other artists and even movies. 

In addition to being a massive Swiftie, Rodrigo shared her love for the Twilight saga — a young adult fiction series that became a well-known movie series in the early 2000s. Twilight detailed the adventures of a misunderstood teenager named Bella (Kristen Stewart). 

After moving in with her father, the character became preoccupied with a love triangle between the vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) and the werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Rodrigo even answered questions about these characters on Twitter.

Olivia Rodrigo mentioned that Jacob would relate to ‘Traitor’ from ‘Sour’

Following her album’s release, Rodrigo took to Twitter, answering some fan questions about music, Twilight, and everything in between. One fan asked what Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s favorite songs from Sour would be. Rodrigo had an answer for Jacob. 

“[I don’t know,] but Jacobs is [definitely] ‘Traitor,’” the singer tweeted. The post earned over 40 thousand likes from Twilight and Rodrigo fans alike.

The song Rodrigo mentioned is about a failed romance told by a broken-hearted narrator. This track totally makes sense for Jacob. His love for Bella appears in several Twilight movies despite her relationship with Edward.

Olivia Rodrigo has plenty of ‘Twilight’ merchandise and ‘Twilight’-themed social media posts

This Jacob from Twilight and “Traitor” crossover wouldn’t be the first time Rodrigo mentioned her love of this saga. In 2020, Rodrigo shared a video of herself singing and playing guitar. She performed “Twilight Song,” writing in the caption that the pop song was the product of writer’s block.

The original track was written from the perspective of Bella Swan as she entered Forks, detailing her new town, new car, and new friends. That same year, Rodrigo appeared in a TikTok with Irisa Apatow, dancing to the Twilight theme song. 

Rodrigo also posted an Instagram story of her Twilight: Breaking Dawn charm bracelet that she wore “for good luck.” While on set, the artist also sported a Twilight: Eclipse t-shirt, later posing for a mirror picture. 

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