Love Island’s Katie Salmon slams vaccine as she swaps underwear for face masks

Love Island star Katie Salmon sent jaws dropping with her latest social media display, as she donned a very skimpy outfit – but was slammed over her anti-Covid vaccine comments.

The reality TV starlet, who appeared on the 2016 series of the matchmaking show, showed off her curves in a very risqué photo.

Katie swapped a bra and knickers for disposable face masks in the photo, which certainly got her followers talking.

Going all out in the face mask stakes, Katie finished off her look with a face mask in the correct place… on her face.

Her raven-coloured locks were pulled back behind her ears, keen for her makeshift undies to be the primary focus.

Katie captioned the snap: "Bikini season 2021

"I heard they’re paying love island stars and influencers to promote track and trace.

"Im here to tell you all. Stay healthy in your mind, meditate. Feed your body goodness. Trust your gut. "

She concluded her post by seemingly hitting out at the vaccine, as she said: "And oh don’t watch the news. F [needle emoji]. #sendinghealing."

The photo prompted a stir amongst her 258,000 followers, who rushed to question Katie on her vaccine stance.

One social networker said: "I’m sure if you need the vaccine to travel all you ‘influencers’ will take it then."

Katie replied: "do u wanna bet. I’d rather build in my country if I must. Then to loose my soul to the corruption. But heyyyy that’s just me. What do I know."

Another Instagram user said: "Why F the vaccine. Have it if you want it, don’t have it if you don’t want it. No one should be made to feel bad for whatever decision they make. Everyone’s blaming the government for the divide but it’s our actions causing the divide!"

Katie responded: "Like I said below am not here to tell anybody what to do. But don’t be controlled. Look within. You have the answers. You have the truth. X"

Another said: "So you’re telling me not to take the vaccine?"

"Na am telling you to meditate and eat good and stay positive," Katie answered back.

Another follower commented: "My guess is by the end of the day u will delete this post xx"

Standing firm, Katie said: "You must be a new follower. I’ve spoken openly about this the entire time. I really won’t be deleting my opinion or truth. When people are being paid to follow the crowd."

Another asked her: "Are you saying don't take the vaccine?"

To which Katie responded: "Am not here to tell anyone what to do babe."

Katie Salmon isn't the only influencer with a significant platform to hit out at the vaccine.

Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger, 34, recently said on an Instagram Live session to her 758,000 followers that she "doesn’t agree with masks" and won't be taking the vaccine if it was offered to her.

This saw GMB host Piers Morgan brand her a "quarter-wit" over her comments.

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