Lucy Spraggan and partner cut holiday short after ‘homophobic’ abuse from locals

X Factor star Lucy Spraggan was forced to cut her Malta getaway short after the blonde belle and her loving girlfriend were hounded with constant homophobic harassment.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, the 30-year-old, who has been enjoying life after her fitness transformation, shared their horrifying experience online on Friday after the pair experienced several forms of abuse on holiday in the two and a half days they spent there.

Alongside a sweet selfie with her loving girlfriend from the trip, whose identity she continues to keep private, Lucy reflected on the terrible holiday experience.

The starlet explained one of the main reasons she selected Malta as their holiday destination was because she was reassured by others that it was a very “LGBT friendly” country and prided itself on its progression.

But the same couldn’t be said for their short-lived holiday experience, after the pair were discriminated against from the second they landed, as Lucy confessed: “Everywhere we went someone shouted ‘lesbians’ at us.”

Despite the fact the pair didn’t show any signs of PDA on their trip, local men continued to hurl abuse at them and often signed a crude gesture that simulated a sexual act.

One of the most shocking experiences the girls found on their trip was when a waiter in Valletta – the country’s capital – told the couple that they were turning all of the staff on sexually.

She added: “It makes me so angry that all we could do was f***ing laugh in disbelief and calmly ask for the bill, he said ‘don’t leave, stay here’ and to diffuse the situation I said ‘we have more to discover here’ to which he said: ‘How about I discover her with you.'”

But soon things went from bad to worse when they found that their balcony door in their bedroom didn’t lock, which the hotel staff refused to fix overnight because they insisted that the area was “safe”.

This was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the horrific abuse they endured overseas, and after two days, Lucy and her partner decided to return home and de-stress with a well-deserved spa day.

She concluded her post with: “There were quite a few other things to add but caption’s done. I am sick to f***ing death of feeling threatened as a woman.

“Sick to f***ing death of feeling threatened as a lesbian. I am sick to f***ing death of being spoken down to by men across the globe."

She added: “Came home and went to the spa. Malta was beautiful, but the experience was not.”

Lucy later revealed Malta’s Minister for Equality had been in touch, as well as members of the Maltese community who shared how “upset [they were] by their experience” and “apologised on behalf of the homophobic and misogynistic men” they came across on their trip.

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