Meghan Markle invoked her 'Duchess' persona in order to deliver a 'brilliant sales job' in the latest reading posted to YouTube, argues one expert.

The Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry announced they would be stepping back from Royal duties when they moved to the US earlier this year.

The pair have since been involved in a flurry of projects, including a documentary with Apple TV, Spotify podcast deals and the release of Meghan's debut children's book, The Bench.

Harry is also scheduled to release his own memoir next year.

But, according to one body language expert, Meghan isn't afraid to step back into her Royal persona when it comes to the rest of her career.

TV body language expert and author Judi James explained that Meghan does a "brilliant sales job" in her latest reading of The Bench, posted to the Brightly Storytime YouTube channel.

Meghan, sitting in her garden wearing a light blue button-up shirt and with her dark hair tied back, introduces the video by saying: "Hello, I'm Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and today I'm going to read to you my book called The Bench."

Meghan originally wrote the book as a poem dedicated to her husband Harry and their son, Archie – then published it to share it with the world.

It's definitely a sweet tribute to their unique family dynamic.

Meghan then conducts a voice-over reading of the book, with its watercolour illustrations shown on-screen and featuring a diverse cast of dads with their children.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Judi explained: "Meghan’s very professional book promo involves an appearance from ‘The Duchess’ to introduce and to end her voice-over reading, and she does a brilliant sales job – both with her excited eye expression at the prospect of giving children access to her book as well as her small shoulder-scrunches and enthusiastic patting or slapping of the cover."

Judi added: "Meghan’s body language is very motivational here and the children would be able to see from her enthusiasm that they are about to hear something special.

"Her promotional techniques are slightly different from that other literary Duchess in the royal family, Fergie.

"Sarah tends to get much more into role for her pitches, wearing the costumes from her books and striding about in the countryside with saucy props in her hand.

"Meghan is much more subtle and her styling more low-key. Her non-verbal signals suggest kindness and a wanting to share the love with her young readers."

It comes after Meghan was brutally mocked by television hosts on Australia's Sunrise morning programme, as Karl Stefanovic, Allison Langdon, and Alex Cullen broke down in hysterics.

In the controversial segment, Karl said he found it was "really hard to keep a straight face" while watching.

Co-host Allison Langdon asked: "Why was it difficult to keep a straight face Alex, it's a lovely story?"

Alex sarcastically added: "It is a lovely story, it's fascinating, fulfilling me in many ways."

Things descended further into chaos as Karl referenced a line in Meghan's book by saying: "As we always say, pump pump."

The whole TV panel started to sing Pump Up the Jam by Technetronic, each taking it in turns to sing a line each in between laughing.

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