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Melanie Sykes has been left shook after 'shocking' messages were sent her way by a man who asked her to meet him after admitted he had 'w**ked' to her.

The disgusting messages were shared by Mel herself to her Instagram on Wednesday morning, with the former Let's Do Lunch presenter saying they were one of a "catalogue" she has been receiving for years from men.

Her followers were shocked by the perverted claims of the Instagram user, who Mel blocked out of the picture.

People were full of support for the TV presenter in the comments, but Mel has urged Meta and Instagram to intervene to prevent the kind of behaviour she's been forced to deal with.

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In the caption of her post, Mel wrote: "Sorry if you are having your cornflakes but I received this yesterday to add to a catalogue of disgusting messages I have received for many years on here from many different men.

"I know I am not the only person who is subjected to this and I am fully aware this particular guy (whose identity I have protected) and all the many other men send the same types of messages to many women, but I am sick of it.

"Maybe this is just his approach or maybe this person is to be afraid of, either way I do not like it. If this is how he chats up women then I suspect the relationship he has with is hand is the only sexual interaction he will ever successfully garner.

Admitting that she thought a lot about whether she should post the screenshot of the chat, Mel took aim at Instagram itself, saying that "There is zero protection except for ‘blocking’ offenders. His words were shocking and unwanted.

"Men who think it’s ok to talk to a stranger like that: not all women like it and please for the love of god keep your personal life habits to yourself and grow the f**k up"

Other women detailed their own horrific experiences in Mel's comment section, with one writing: " I received some grotesque messages when innocently selling some clothes (coats etc) on FB Marketplace. It’s frightening"

Another user said: "Social media needs to do more – but in the meantime people like this need exposing on the formats they creep about on" while a third wrote: "I just don't get why it's not deemed more serious? Imagine if he came up to you in street and shouted all that? People would be horrified?! It's wrong that we have to tolerate this"


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