Myleene Klass and Kym Marsh’s feud as star’s rocky Hear’Say history explored

Dancing On Ice 2021 star Myleene Klass is still one of the country's most recognisable former pop star from the 00s, but her ride to the top hasn't been plain-sailing.

After being thrust into the limelight on ITV series Popstars, Myleene topped the charts with her Hear'Say bandmates thanks to their debut single Pure and Simple.

The track sold 500,000 copies in the first week alone, shattering records, but behind the success and beaming photo calls it wasn't all rosy for the group of five.

Here Daily Star examines Myleene's rocky friendship with bandmate Kym Marsh, including their fiery backstage row, and how the thoughtful mum put their differences aside in Kym's hour of need.

Myleene moves into Hear'Say mansion

Myleene Klass was plucked from obscurity and moved into a house with Hear'Say all the way back in 2001.

The mansion had four giant bedrooms, two living rooms, three bathrooms and a music room.

Myleene ended up sharing a room with Kym Marsh and initially, the pair claimed that they got on "really well".

Kym recalled: "It also put me in the position that blokes would kill for – to see Myleene in the nude! And, yes, she is gorgeous.

"Neither of us could believe we’d been selected."

Myleene versus Kym

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Throughout the band's time in the spotlight, Kym admits she rowed with all of her bandmates but in particular recalled a row with Myleene ahead of The Jerry Springer Show.

Writing in her autobiography, Kym admitted she and Myleene even came to blows minutes before a live TV performance.

She wrote: "Me and Myleene had a slanging match but someone split us up as we were due to go on air.

"Going on to perform our single was horrible. At one point, me and Myleene had to put our arms around one another. It was so fake and I hated every minute of it."

She continued in the book: "We had been overheard arguing by staff at the studios and the following day our row was all over the newspapers.

"We managed to put it behind us but the niggles remained. I wish we'd been able to explain honestly how we were feeling. But the problems festered."

Hear'Say split

In 2002 Kym Marsh quit the band, announcing the shocking news via the media.

She admitted that she felt betrayed by her bandmates over a story that claimed she had refused to go to Oman to sing for British troops.

She wrote in her autobiography: "When I asked my PR agent, he said that someone in the band had spoken to the newspaper. I felt utterly betrayed.

"Then I was asked by a newspaper if I had any comment and I was so angry I said, 'I quit'.

The Corrie actress added: "I'm sorry I quit through a newspaper rather than sitting down with the rest of the band. If we could have had a chat to clear the air it wouldn't have been so bitter afterwards."

Myleene supports Kim after baby tragedy

Myleene was keen to support Kim in 2009 after the heartbreaking loss of her son Archie.

Despite bumping into each other a few times at awards shows, Myleene fell out of touch with Kym after she quit the band.

However, that changed when Kym's son passed away in 2009.

Myleene reached out and to offer her support to her former bandmate, sparking a reconciliation.

"We hadn’t really kept in contact but, being a mum herself, Myleene rang to see how I was," Kym said.

She added: "We were both in tears on the phone and, in the days after Archie’s death, we talked more and more.

"Myleene really was there for me.

"She helped me choose the music for Archie's funeral and sent the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to the crematorium."

The reunion… without Myleene

In 2020 reports claimed that Hear'Say were in talks to reunite to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Sadly, after initial excitement that all five of the 00s chart-toppers would be back on stage once more, it became clear not everyone was on board.

Myleene and Kym Marsh are said to have set to up a WhatsApp group to discuss the idea with their former bandmates, but later got cold feet.

A source told The Sun: "Right now, there’s a real demand for nostalgia and feel-good celebrity — and Hear’Say fit the bill.

"The group exchanged a series of messages about a reunion, proposing a few tour dates and a couple of one-off TV appearances, as well as a possible ITV documentary.

"But after much consideration, Myleene politely said that after a lot of thought she didn’t think the time was right for her."

Due to Covid the music industry as a whole has been brought to its knees, and so it is unsurprising that rumours of a Hear'Say reunion have since died down.

Myleene has admitted she's softened to the idea over time though.

She told MailOnline: "It’s funny because at the stage that I am now – my children don’t even realise that I was in a band – well, Ava more so.

"I’ve gone from, 'No, never, it’s never going to happen', to my children saying, 'Go on, just do it! We want to be able to see you do all the dance moves!'"

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