Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson has revealed that she and her fiancé are now homeless, after the expectant couple were in an "absolutely devastating" house fire, while pregnant.

Taking to Instagram to detail the ordeal, she explained what she went through to her followers – urging them to check their fire and smoke alarms.

Louise, 31, who is expecting a baby boy, revealed at one point she "lost" her beloved pet dogs in "blinding smoke".

The expectant mother took to social media to update her followers after she had spent some time away from the app – something that sparked speculation among her followers, with many thinking that she had secretly given birth.

Taking to Instagram stories, a shaken Louise wrote: "A few of you have noticed we have been offline since Wednesday. Contrary to popular opinion, I haven't gone into labour, but we were involved in a bad house fire in the middle of the night.

"Thankfully myself, Ryan, my mum, and the dogs are all ok. It was an absolutely devastating experience, but we managed to get out with minimal damage to our health (including the dogs who we lost in the blinding smoke at one point.)"

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Made in Chelsea's Louise then praised the emergency services for arriving at the scene in "two minutes".

She then said that she was "grateful for our luck".

Louise then said: "Until you have experienced this type of a fire first hand I don't think you understand the sheer power of it… The thick chemical smoke travelled so fast throughout the house, which meant that within seconds it was impossible to see or breathe."

Continuing, she said: "I urge you guys to check your fire and smoke alarms TODAY because without them we might not have woken up and there may not have been an escape route out.

"No one had done anything wrong, there was nothing we could have done to prevent it. A wine cooler that no one ever really touched exploded in the middle of the night.

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"Fridge fires are scary because there is no build up and they happen without warning. It doesn't start slowly releasing a bit of smoke to trigger the alarms giving you a chance to think about things.

"It's zero – 100 sort of situation. I also believe the combination of electricity with water and plastic is a pretty toxic combination. The air honestly smelled of pure poison."

The MIC star then confirmed that she and fiancé Ryan Libbey are now homeless: "Now we are trying to wrap our heads round everything and our main priority is to find somewhere to live."

The frightening fire that has left the expectant couple homeless, comes just weeks after Louise revealed that she and Ryan are expecting a baby boy, with the pair announcing her pregnancy in May.

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