Primal Scream star’s son slams band frontman at inquest as singer died penniless

The son of the late Primal Scream musician has slammed the rest of the band for "abandoning" his dad when he was in debt and struggling.

Martin Duffy, 55, died after falling over and hitting his head on December 18, 2022, and was "in debt" and "devastated" after being told to leave the band.

His son Louie claims that his dad was also cut out of a multi-million-pound deal to sell part of Primal Scream's back catalogue and other band members such as Bobby Gillespie did not reach out to Martin when he was diagnosed with cancer.

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Louie told the inquest into his father's death that Primal Scream orchestrated a deal with BGM worth £5m but his dad didn't see a penny of it.

He said: "Dad had played on every Primal Scream album and had songwriting on at least two but still the band chose not to offer him the opportunity to get his share, at a time they knew he really needed financial help.”

Louie explained that it was during lockdown that his "functioning alcoholic" dad's life began to spiral as he got more into debt and still the band offered no support.

He said: “I remember dad telling Bobby Gillespie on the phone that he was having to sign on for benefits to get by as he had no savings but the band offered no support – either emotional or financial. I saw how much this upset him.”

The inquest heard that Martin was forced to leave Primal Scream after a gig in Glasgow due to his drinking and that frontman Bobby used "tough love" – but also told Martin he was "finished".

After that, Louie said his dad began drinking heavily and added: "I couldn’t stop him, it was frightening.”

Louie found his dad at his home in Hove, East Sussex, suffering from a fatal head wound.

A coroner ruled his accidental death was caused by severe head injury as the result of multiple falls.

Martin was intoxicated at the time of his death.

Louie told the inquest that he had not heard from any members of Primal Scream since Martin died but that Bobby was praised for his tributes to his dad on social media.

He said: “I’ve seen on Instagram how Bobby Gillespie is always urging everyone to support the strikers – fair pay for the workers – and there is nothing wrong with that.

“Dad supported the strikers too but not if at the same time you aren’t paying your own bandmate of over 30 years even a small share of the tour profits to make their life easier.”

Louie added: “I lost my dad too soon. I know his death was an accident but I just wish he hadn’t died feeling so unappreciated and distraught about having to sell our home. He didn’t deserve that.”

Martin was born in Birmingham and joined the band Felt when he was just 16. He also played for The Charlatans, who supported Oasis at their iconic Knebworth gig in 1996.

Primal Scream released a statement after his death saying: "We're all so sad … Martin was the most musically talented of all of us.

"He could play piano to the level where he was feted not just by his peers in British music, but old school master American musicians such as James Luther Dickinson, Roger Hawkins, David Hood (and) producer Tom Dowd."

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