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Princess Diana "saved" her grandson Archie from his bedroom fire, according to a psychic medium.

Meghan Markle recently revealed that her son Archie’s bedroom caught fire while the family were on tour in 2019.

Meghan and Prince Harry were visiting South Africa at the time when the blaze occurred.

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And during an exclusive interview with psychic medium Jasmine Rose Anderson, it was claimed that it was the late Princess Diana's spirit that saved Archie.

Jasmine claimed to Daily Star: "She knew before it happened. She was there watching over Archie which is why the nanny took him downstairs.

"She received an intuitive nudge from Diana – although it may have popped into her head like an idea to take him with her out the room.

"She's always around her grandchild protecting them."

Speaking of the fire with Serena Williams on the premiere episode of her Archetypes podcast, Meghan shared how Archie's nursery went up in flames all of a sudden.

She described how Archie's nanny was preparing to put him to bed for a nap but decided to take him with her to get a snack at the last minute.

Meghan said: "In that amount of time that she went downstairs, the heater in the nursery caught on fire… There was no smoke detector."

Elsewhere in her reading, the psychic shared her belief that Meghan is set for a big career change soon.

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Harry and Meghan have big Netflix projects coming up in the pipeline, though Meghan's path may change soon after, according to the psychic.

Talking about their Netflix projects, Jasmine said: "I do see tension around this. It won't make many people in the royal family happy and I feel it will be heavily censored- there will be a lot they can't say. The public will love it."

However, she predicted that Meghan will delve further into a career as an author soon after.

She added: "I see Meghan coming out with a few books around her views on things and around motherhood. I see three series. She wants them to follow their hearts and make their own decisions."

Jasmine is a psychic medium who has spirits communicate with her mainly through visuals and images.

She explained: "Sometimes I'll see the spirit of the person coming forwards and I'll see flashes of their life like I'm watching a movie. Sometimes it's as If I'm in that movie playing them.

"They also communicate with me through sound, I'll hear the information they wish to communicate or they will just place it in my mind. Often I just know things."


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