True story of The Conjuring – ‘real spirit’ who haunted the property to seances

Hollywood film The Conjuring terrified audiences back in 2013, when it recounted the story of the Perron family haunting.

The true life tale saw the family plagued by paranormal activity – from being physically attacked, to having their beds lifted and spirits appearing in the home.

Since then, many paranormal investigation teams have sought to find out is terrorising the farm house in Harrisville, Rhode Island – and how much of the events in The Conjuring took place.

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Here, Daily Star takes a closer look at the true story behind The Conjuring – and what has been said by those who experienced the hauntings and those who have visited the property since.

What is The Conjuring about?

The 2013 Conjuring film focuses on the true story of The Perrons – a family of seven who moved into a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island in 1971.

They lived at the 14-room property between 1971 to 1980, during which time they reported terrifying paranormal activity – from bed lifting, to hearing voices and being attacked by spirits.

The home was subsequently visited by two of America's most renowned paranormal investigators, The Warrens, who tried to make contact with the spirits who lived there.

Known as one of America's most famous hauntings, the events experienced by both The Perrons and The Warrens later inspired The Conjuring.

Who were The Warrens?

Ed and Lorraine Warren are one of the most famous ghost hunting couples in American history, and together, they investigated some of the country's reportedly haunted properties including The Amityville House.

In 1952, they also founded the New England Society for Psychic Research.

That's not all, as Lorraine also claimed to be a clairvoyant and a medium, with the ability to communicate with the spirits she and her husband came into contact with during their investigations.

They came face to face with some of the most terrifying haunted objects in the world too, including the famous Anabelle doll, which has since become the subject of its own films and encounters with The Warrens.

It is one such encounter that led The Warrens to house Anabelle in their Occult Museum in Connecticut, which is home to a number of reportedly haunted objects to this day.

The Warrens are no longer with us however, with Ed dying in 2006 and Lorraine passing away 13 years later in 2019.

What happened at the Perron family home?

After moving into the farmhouse on Rhode Island, The Perron family claimed that they came face to face with paranormal activity in the home.

This included being woken up at 5:15am most mornings, when the spirits would reportedly lift the beds and fill the rooms with the smell of rotting flesh.

The basement was also said to be a hotspot for spiritual activity.

One particularly terrifying spirit would also consistently torment mother Carolyn Perron, and speaking to USA Today, eldest daughter Andrea said: "Whoever the spirit was, she perceived herself to be mistress of the house and she resented the competition my mother posed for that position."

What events in The Conjuring actually took place?

Lorraine Warren was later a major consultant on The Conjuring film, and told USA Today that almost everything that happened in the film was accurate.

She said: "The things that went on there were just so incredibly frightening.

"It still affects me to talk about it today."

In the film, the spirit who is thought to have tormented Carolyn was Bathsheba, who is a focal point throughout The Conjuring.

However, speaking on an episode of paranormal investigation series Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, Andrea Perron said Bathsheba was not responsible.

She said: "Bathsheba was not the culprit in this house. The spirit that was haunting and taunting my mother, in this house, was long dead before Bathsheba was ever born."

Andrea added that her father thought it was a woman who had lived at the property previously called Mrs Arnold, who had considered herself "the mistress of the house," but later died in the barnyard of the house, not long after the death of her husband.

Following the paranormal activity, the film shows The Perrons reaching out to The Warrens, who did indeed make multiple visits during 1974, as shown in The Conjuring Film.

They also claimed that during one of their visits, the spirit of Bathsheba showed itself to them in the living room of the property, and said its name – as shown in the film.

However, despite an exorcism being performed in The Conjuring, this part of the film did not happen in real life.

Instead, The Warrens attempted to summon a spirit through a séance, with Andrea saying that her mum became to speak in a different language and "voice not her own," before being levitated and thrown across a room.

Speaking to paranormal investigation team Ghost Brothers as part of their Discovery+ series Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, which saw Andrea Perron return to her old family home, she said: "My mother never called The Warrens. She had no idea who they were when they showed up at our door."

She added: "The Warrens turned up and told my parents they wanted to identify who the offending spirit was. They wanted to conduct a séance in the house and they brought with them a priest and a medium."

Speaking about the seance, she continued: "What happened that night was a long, drawn out affair, but it culminated in a séance that lasted no more than five minutes."

"My mum opened her eyes and they didn't look like her eyes anymore," said Andrea of her mother, adding: "I don't think my mother was possessed, she was attacked."

Is the house still haunted?

Many paranormal teams have investigated the property in the years since the Perron family haunting took place, including Ghost Adventures and more recently, Ghost Brothers.

The Ghost Brothers team recently visited the property for their programme Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, which is currently airing on Discovery+, in an episode called The Perron Family Nightmare.

During their time on the property, the team encountered an abundance of activity that can be witnessed in the programme, including doors opening on their own, electronic voice phenomenon and feelings of being grabbed or touched.

Speaking about the investigation, team member Dalen said: "As crazy as The Conjuring was, it didn't even come close to what we experienced tonight."

They also spoke to the family who currently live in the property, who also revealed their own experiences of activity in the house, including seeing shadow people.

"We think it's the property itself that is haunted. We don't believe it's the actual house. We think it's where the house is located," they said.

Talking about their plans for the property, they continued: "As of right now, we're in the process of selling it."

"I personally didn't expect how much of a toll it would take on us emotionally," adding: "I don't think it was meant for someone to live in full time."

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