AN AIRLINE has come up with a game-changing way to get passengers off the flight much faster after landing.

One of the frustrations of air travel is the slow process of leaving the aircraft, with passengers having to squeeze through a single door at the front of the plane.

If you’re at the back of the plane that can mean long waits with up to hundreds of people in front of you.

To speed this up some airlines, including Virgin Australia and Qantas owned Jetstar, regularly allow passengers to disembark from a set of stairs at the rear of the aircraft.

But India’s largest carrier IndiGo has gone one step further and has introduced a third door for passengers.

Uniquely, the third door is on the right hand side of the plane which is rarely used as an exit for anything other than an emergency.

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The airline claims it can almost halve the time it takes to get passengers off the plane from up to 13 minutes to seven.

“The new Three-Point Disembarkation process will be carried out from two forward and one rear exit ramp, making IndiGo the first airline to use this process,” a spokesperson told India’s Hindustan Times.

A video uploaded to Twitter shows the new process with passengers leaving a flight via the various ramps.

While bigger jumbo jets often board and disembark by three doors, this is the first time it’s been done for a smaller plane typically used on domestic and short-haul routes.

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“This aircraft usually takes around 13 minutes for its passengers to de-board the aircraft. However, the new process will make the drill faster and will reduce the disembarkation time from 13 minutes to seven minutes,” the IndiGo spokesperson said.

That could be good for passengers who don't want to hang around on-board, but it could be a boost for the airline too.

The quicker passengers can leave the plane, the shorter the turnaround time to get it back in the air with more fare-paying passengers on board.

However, some are sceptical of the airline’s claims.

Ben Schlappig of US aviation blog One Mile At A Time questioned if all the claimed time savings would actually be able to happen.

He said: “The process of actually getting out the door is one bottleneck, but I’d think that getting down the aisle is another thing that takes time, and that’s still an issue, even with a second door in the front.”

Next time you board your flight, you may notice that you always enter the cabin from the left of the plane.

Aviation experts have said the reasons for boarding on the left hand side is because the planes are refuelled on the right, so they need to keep passengers out of the way.

In addition, the right hand door is often used to bring supplies on board an aircraft, such as water and food, at the same time that passengers enter and exit on the left.

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