Airlines are getting stricter with hand luggage – meaning passengers are being charged even if their bags fit in cabin | The Sun

NEXT time you opt to travel light, you may end up being charged extra to bring your bag onto the plane.

Many passengers are finding they are being forced to check items despite them fitting in the cabin.

The problem with personal bags is that every airline has different rules about what it is considered to be.

Ryanair considers a personal item to be 40 x 25 x 20, while Wizz Air allows personal items to be 40 x 30 x 20cm.

EasyJet and British Airways are less strict, allowing bags that are 45 x 36 x 20cm.

Even though the size differs, airlines warn that the bag has to fit under the plane seat to be allowed.

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Despite this, more travellers have found themselves being charged for their personal items despite them not breaking the rules.

Passenger Sergio Diaz told The Washington Post that he was forced to pay $50 to check his personal item – a projector – at the gate, despite it being "not much bigger than a laptop" which is allowed.

Patricia Hall was travelling from New York to Orlando when she was told her tote bag was "too big" to be a personal item – and was charged $89.

Another woman said she was told she had too many shopping bags from the airport so had to "throw them away and stuff items into her two allowable bags".

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One traveller said crew tried to charge her $99 even after she proved her suitcase fit into the personal item sizer.

Many people on TikTok have revealed how to get around the strict baggage rules in recent months, including stuffing pillowcases and putting bags under your coat.

If caught, this could cause problems at the gate.

To avoid getting caught out, make sure you measure your bag when it is packed – an overstuffed backpack may break the rules.

What kind of bag you have could also help you fly under the radar when they're checking passengers.

Having a squishy bag means you can shove it under a seat much easier.

And darker bags are more likely to be looked over than brighter patterned bags that stands out.

One Ryanair passenger took drastic measures when he was told his suitcase was too big.

Here are some of the best bags that won't break the bank and you can take onto flights.

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