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A BRITISH expat living in Spain has revealed the three big mistakes tourists make while they're on holiday.

Megan Owens, 23, has been living in Spain since October last year.

During the day Megan helps to teach English at a university in Cadiz, Andalusia, but in her free time she's spotted several mistakes Brits are making on their holidays.

From food to transport and clothing, there are better ways Brits can travel through Spain.

Megan told the Sun Online Travel: "If the menu is written in several languages, or has pictures of the food, then it's most likely a tourist trap.

"These menus are often laminated or covered in plastic film – Brits should stay away from them.

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"Brits should also make use of the public transport more than taxis when they're in Spain too.

"The buses and trains are really cheap and pretty reliable too – I've never used taxis to get from one place to another in Cadiz."

The language assistant from Chester also warned holidaymakers about people flogging their goods in squares.

She sad: "There are always people trying to sell to everyone inthe streets.

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"For example, outside the church in Cadiz they try to sell bunches of herbs to tourists."

In her observations, Megan thinks Brits are too polite when they're trying to turn down street sellers.

She added: "Sometimes you just have to firmly say no."

As well as the big mistakes that Brits make, Megan also had some tips for holidaymakers looking for a Spanish break this year.

"There aren't many British people living here [in Cadiz], so you start to get to know the faces on the streets.

"There's one expat who has lived here for 10 years but doesn't speak a word of Spanish – I think it's important to speak a little bit."

"Learning a few words isn't difficult because Spaniards are so welcoming and they're always impressed if someone speaks their language, especially in the south of the country."

Despite being February, the Spanish port town has been welcoming day trippers from cruise ships.

If you're holidaying in mainland Spain during the colder months of the year, Megan recommended leaving the shorts and flip flops at home.

She said: "I know people want to enjoy their summer holiday, but it's February and I'm wearing a coat."

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Here are the biggest holiday mistakes that could cost you money.

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