WHETHER you're going to soak up the sun or travelling for business – you need to know the rules and restrictions regarding electronic items.

And this includes your mobile phone. Here's everything you need to know.

Can phone chargers go in hand luggage?

The answer is yes – a regular phone charger can go in your carry on luggage.

There are no restrictions around regular phone chargers when flying that you need to be aware of – and they are not on the list of prohibited items.

However, if you're hoping to take a power bank on your travels – then you may just be disappointed.

A power bank contains lithium batteries and due to the risk of these setting on fire – they are not allowed to be checked in with your hand luggage.

It's also important to know that if you are traveling with a power pack portable charger – it needs to go in the cabin.

Just make sure that the battery doesn't exceed is 100 wh per power bank.

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You don’t even need to remove chargers from your bag when going through airport security – so they can fit anywhere in your hand luggage.

Can I charge my phone on a plane?

If you're not a regular jet-setter, then you may be surprised to know that you can in fact charge your phone on a plane.

Some planes offer in-seat power that works with a standard AC power adapter – similar to how a laptop plugs into the wall at home.

In some cases, DC power adapters are used in planes -similar to the circular cigarette lighter power adapters found in vehicles

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However, not all airlines will offer power outlets or USB ports in the seats.

So it is a useful tip to take a portable charger along with you – or you can charge your preferred devices at charging points provided in the terminals.

Can I use my phone on a plane?

Until a few years ago, passengers were asked to keep their mobile phone switched off during a flight.

But airline rules are different now and they’re constantly changing – and so are the dos and don’ts on mobile phones and airplanes.

Phone use is only allowed if you put your device on airplane mode.

This means that passengers are free to play games, read e-books and listen to music – provided that the cellular connection of the device isn’t being used.

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It's also important to be mindful and considerate of other passengers on the flight with you when using your phone.

Make sure you slip on some headphones and dim the brightness of your screen – that way you and your fellow passengers can enjoy the flight.

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