Disney staff reveal what REALLY happens to your stuff at lost property

IT'S easy to get overwhelmed with the magic of Disney and forget to pick up your hat, sunglasses or even wallet.

But have you ever wondered what happens to your stuff if you don't remember to go back and get it?

Disney staff have revealed where your lost property goes if it doesn't get claimed – and owners don't have long to get their goodies back.

A Reddit user posted on the community sharing website about Disney lost and found. They said: "Lost and found items are only held for seven days.

"After that, Disneyland donates them to Goodwill in large batches."

Disney cast members commented on the post revealing that before stuff is donated to charity, there are sales where staff can grab a bargain from the lost and found.

One Disney worker wrote: "Cast members can also make claims on items they find. After a certain number of days, if not claimed, the cast members can have it.

"I don't know if this works for everything, but I made $70 that way."

Another Disney worker revealed that it's not just cast members that can get their hands on other people's lost items – members of the public are invited too.

They wrote: "They have a big sale with it being one to cast members for the first few hours, then the public after that.

"It's a lot of strollers, hats, stuffed animals, sweaters."

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A third Disney employee explained that cheaper items were made available to staff, but expensive items were kept in storage for longer.

They wrote: "Things like hats and sunglasses that pile up were kept in the lost and found building for a week.

"The lost and found donations would happen maybe quarterly and, yes, it would be open to cast members for the first few hours.

"Expensive things like cell phones we held onto for longer and would frequently go through and try to match old reports with items."

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