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CABIN crew have stayed in hundreds of hotel rooms, so they know the best tips and tricks for getting the most out of their accommodation.

One flight attendant has taken to TikTok to share the hotel room hacks every holidaymaker should know about in time for their next trip.

Demi Bonita is a cabin crew member for KLM who regularly uploads TikTok videos on her channel demibonita.

In a recent video, she revealed the five hotel hacks that can be used by any holidaymaker anywhere in the world.

Rather than doing a voice over, the young flight attendant used a string of captions to shed some light on her tips.

1. Do not disturb sign

For her first tip, she wrote: "Put the do not disturb card between the door, so you can notice if some one has been in your room."

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She then placed the sign between the door and the door frame and when she returned one hour later the sign hadn't moved.

She added: "No one has been here."

2. Hotel key card

Her second hotel hack revolved around doors – in particular hotel room card keys.

She said: "Your hotel card is not the only card that works. You can used any other card."

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Demi then popped what looked like a random tourist card into the white plastic slot where guests often slot their room key.

3. Curtains and coat hangers

The flight attendant's third tip will be loved by anyone who needs to be submerged in total darkness to sleep.

She wrote: "If you want your room completely dark in the morning without light coming through the curtain, use a clothing hook."

In the background of the video, Demi then clipped the curtain together using a coat hanger that works to keep the sunlight at bay.

4. Plugs

Travelling to different countries often requires packing an adaptor or alternate plug, but Demi has a trick for Europeans staying in a hotel in the UK.

She wrote: "Are you in the UK and you forgot your world charger? If the European one doesn't fit, there is always one in the bathroom."

In her hotel bathroom, Demi then filmed herself charging her tablet and other electrical items using the charger typically reserved for razors.

5. Clothing

The final hack the cabin crew member shared was all about keeping her clothes fresh without a washing machine handy.

Demi wrote: "Dry wash your uniform/clothes to keep them fresh."

She then covered her clothes in a dry wash spray to keep them selling fresh for her return journey.

The video has has more than 4.3 million views and has been liked by 300,000 users on the social media platform.

In the comments, some users described the hacks as "awesome" and "game-changing" while others shared their own tips.

One wrote: " A warning from a hospitality worker, do not put your credit card in there [the room key slot] because you're very likely to forget it."

While another added: "I do all those things and they work."

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Meanwhile another flight attendant has shared the three things she always does when staying in a hotel room including bringing a plastic bag to cover the TV remote.

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