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THE world's most popular holiday destination according to new figures can be reached from the UK in only an hour.

In 2021, the most popular vacation spot on the planet was Spain, but that's due to change in the coming years.

Data analytics company GlobalData claim that by 2025 France will once again be the world's most visited country for tourists.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, France was the world's most popular holiday spot, welcoming 88.1 million visitors in 2019.

However, that changed when restrictions were brought in, with Spain overtaking its neighbour.

Last year, France welcomed 66.6 million tourists as travel returned to normal and GlobalData predicts that following this year and next, it will have more visitors than anywhere else.

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In fact, it is expected that 93.7 million international travellers will make their way to France in two years' time as it reclaims its holiday hotspot title.

Hannah Free, Travel & Tourism Analyst at GlobalData, explained why the country was so universally popular among tourists.

She said: “Alongside Italy and Spain, France represents a significant segment of the growth in Western Europe.

The country is not only popular with travellers from Europe itself – especially the UK, Germany and Belgium – but it is also popular with visitors from further afield, including China and the United States.

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"In fact, France is one of the top Western European destinations for US travellers.”

However, it is not necessarily bad news for Spain, which will "remain strong" in the coming years, according to the numbers produced by GlobalData.

Culture and food play a big part in both Spain and France attracting holidaymakers, among other reasons, and that is set to continue.

Free continued: “Visitation to France and Spain will remain strong in the years to come, with festivals, culture and gastronomy being a big pull for tourists.

"Both countries have a lot to offer visitors, with their own unique cultures, cuisines, and atmospheres.

"Both countries are also relatively large, with a diverse and varied landscape, and each country has its own unique coastline.”

France is certainly a very convenient holiday destination for UK tourists, with direct flight-free links between the two countries.

Eurostar links London with Paris, where families can visit places like Disneyland.

Brits can also board a ferry if they don't want to take the train and end up in Northern France, from where plenty of holiday destinations can be reached.

However, a flight to Paris takes just over an hour from London, and all the city's main sites can be seen in under 24 hours.

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